Looking for latex

Dear Phoenix
Looking to buy a latex mattress. But I am west texas, midland texas 79703. Please help. Thanks Tim.

Hi Tim,

Wow … are you ever in the middle of nowhere. There’s not a major city within a few hundred miles of you!

Anyway … I think the best approach is to use the outlets that are available to get a sense of the overall mattress construction that is best for you in terms of a comfort layer and a support core and which type of construction feels best for you (ie latex over either a latex, innerspring, or polyfoam core). If there aren’t local manufacturers or retailers who carry the mattress you want or the value you are looking for … then your testing can serve as a model for an online purchase.

There are a few outlets that carry latex near you so at least you have some testing grounds. They include …

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress Regional factory direct manufacturer with a store in Midland. They make a range of better quality/value mattresses including latex and some latex hybrids along with many innerspring mattresses and a memory foam mattress as well.

http://www.cartersfurnituremidland.com/ Retailer in Midland, TX. Carries some mattresses by Sleep Designs which includes their Elemental sleep line (which include latex and memory foam). They also told me that they would call the factory if their spec sheets didn’t include information about foam type or density.

There are a couple of other “possibilities” (and I’ve included the brands that I would include in your research) in the area but these may require more research and questions to find out if they will disclose the details of the layers in their mattresses.

http://www.kingofbed.com/ Odessa, TX. Noah’s (only a few but they may be adding more).

http://elrodsfurniture.com/ Big Spring, TX. Carry Sleep Design but none of the latex or gel yet (he’s looking at them).

http://www.roomstogo.com/ Therapedic and Lloyd & Penfield. I would be very careful here and only look at these two manufacturers and ignore the major brands they carry and only then if they provide real specs of every layer of the mattress. Like most chain stores … the information available here may be limited and you may be subject to many “sales techniques”. Never buy a mattress from a chain store on the same day as you are looking at them or based on so called “deals” or “sale prices”.

Hope this helps. Feel free to post with any questions about the mattresses you encounter. Some information about your height/weight and sleeping positions would also help point to a blueprint for an online purchase assuming that the mattresses at these outlets are not what you are looking for.