Looking for locations in Long Island, Suffolk County NY

I’ve been looking for a new mattress for months. After much research I know the mattresses I don’t want to buy, but still can’t seem to find one that I need. What locations can you give me to research in Long Island, Suffolk County NY.

I’m so glad I found your site, the most information I’ve found yet.


The closest of the manufacturers or known outlets that have better quality and value are in NYC and you can see them in post #2 here. There is also a list in post #7 here which groups many of them into categories and for most people the last group of 5 on the list (2 in NYC) would have the “best” combination of quality and value (although this would also depend on exactly what they were looking for and what materials and components in a mattress and the outlet they are buying from are most important to them).

There is a list in post #4 here centered on Setauket with some local possibilities there but these more local lists are lists of “possible sources of better quality and value” and generally require more research or phone calls to find out the level of knowledge, transparency, service, and value that they have available.

If you let me know your zip or town … I’d be happy to take a look in the more specific area around you to see which outlets may be the most promising if a drive to NYC isn’t possible.