looking for mattress - back/hip problems

My husband & I are searching for a king size mattress. I’ve been reading the feedback on this site, and although it’s very helpful…I have to admit I’m more confused now on what type of mattress to purchase. Any advice you could provide would be much appreciated.

My husband - 240 lbs, 5’11"; middle back pain, back sleeper, light sleeper & snores
Me - 190 lbs, 5’11", side sleeper, hip, leg & shoulder pain, very light sleeper

We’ve tried the Tempurpedic Cloud & Cloud Supreme and well as the Serta iComfort. All are very comfortable, but a bit out of our price range.

Are you aware of any dealers in our area (southeast MN, near WI border)? And can you give us any advice on what type of mattress we should be searching for?
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Hi lfrisk,

I’d be happy to help but it would save me time and help me to narrow down the search if you could let me know the closest city or town to you (or zip code). When I make suggestions I usually look at my database and manually check the distance from a certain city for each outlet that I list and also do a local search to see if there is anything I don’t have listed and if the area is too large this can take me several hours for each post so a “starting point” is really helpful.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks Phoenix! My zip code is 55987.

Hi lfrisk,

There are not a lot of factory direct manufacturers near you but there are a few within a little longer driving distance. they include …

http://www.myrestassuredmattress.com/ Local factory direct manufacturer in Rochester, MN. I have talked with Chuck the owner here and he clearly is a “mattress person” and knows his stuff. He manufactures a range of mattresses with very good value including more traditional two sided mattresses (innerspring/cotton/foam), latex hybrids (talalay latex over pocket coils), memory foam as well (although like most independent manufacturers … this is not his favorite material) and microcoils (used in the comfort layer). I believe that out of this list that you will find the best quality and value here.

http://www.originalmattress.com/ Regional factory direct manufacture with outlets in and around Minneapolis/St Paul. They manufacturer a wide range of mattresses with good value and are one of the larger factory directs in the country.

Store Search - Verlo Regional factory direct manufacturer in Portage, WI. Another one of the larger factory directs that makes a wide range of mattresses of all types with good value.

http://www.clarebedding.com/dealers.asp. They are a wholesale manufacturer for Restonic and their own line called Platinum Dreams that is sold through dealers. Restonic has different specs across the country depending on who manufactures them and they are one of the better licensees. They have a dealer locator on their website which has some outlets that are near you. Make sure if you go in this direction that the dealer is transparent about the materials that are in the mattress.

With your higher weights … it becomes very important to make sure the materials in your mattress and its construction are durable because otherwise what worked well at the time of purchase won’t work as well in terms of pressure relief or support in a few months or years. Any mattress is only as durable as its weakest link and this can only be known from a manufacturer or outlet who will tell you what is in every layer of their mattress and also has the knowledge and the desire to tell you the qualities of the different materials that they use and how long you can reasonable expect them to last. They also usually have the skills to help you “fit” a mattress to your own unique weight, body shape, and sleeping positions rather than steering you towards a mattress that improves their profit margin more than it helps your long term satisfaction.

I personally believe (like most independent mattress manufacturers) that are better options than memory foam to get the best combination of pressure relief, support, and durability with back issues and/or heavier weights however memory foam does have it’s own unique feel which some people like a lot. In this case high quality (density) memory foam becomes much more important. It is important to make sure that the thickness and softness of the upper layers of your mattress provides good pressure relief, allows your shoulders to sink in far enough on your side, and is durable (this is the part which has the most mechanical stress in a mattress). It’s also important of course that the support system underneath it holds up your heavier parts well enough to make sure you are sleeping in good alignment in all your sleeping positions. Zoning can also help with this (helps the wider lighter parts like shoulders sink in more while holding up the heavier parts of your body.

Overall … I think it would be well worth a drive to Rest Assured as it will probably save you more time and confusion than the drive will “cost” you in the end.