Looking for mattress for camper that is less than 10" thick

Not sure if this is where would be best to post this question…

I am looking for a full size mattress for our camper that is not as thick as typical mattresses, but still has good support and comfort. Would a 7-9" mattress be thick enough for our weights? We are 165# side & back sleeper and 200+ stomach & side sleeper. We will only sleep on this about a dozen or so nights a year, so it doesn’t have to be the best, but we need it to be comfortable! Of course, the other consideration is price. It would be great if it was under $600!

Can you point me to companies that would sell this size/thickness? I know you can’t tell me what would be comfortable for us. I just haven’t been able to find companies that sell thinner mattresses, but still uses quality materials.


First off, make sure that your mattress is a true full size (54" x 74") and not a RV queen (60" x 74"), as that will limit your choices.

You will have challenges finding what you want in the thickness range, but it isn’t impossible. I’d have no clue who would offer what near you out of the tens of thousands of offerings available nationally (just too many for anyone to be able to track), but you can find something in the innerspring vein using something like a lower profile VertiCoil 460 or even a lower profile Bonnell 336 or 364 spring unit, and then combine this with as much comfort material in a higher density or hardness that you desire and still fit within your limitations. Many manufacturers produce thinner innerspring mattresses, but most of them do tend to be quite low quality. However, there are some better ones out there (one of my licencees produces some pretty good thin products for the price point), and since you don’t use this item very often you may end up settling for something using more basic density foams.

I’m personally not a fan of visco-elastic foams in RV use because of the wide swings in temperature and humidity. There are quite a few boxed bed mattress that only contain polyurethane foam (or even a little latex) within the thickness range you mention, and these can be alternatives. You’d generally want to choose their firmer options for stomach sleeping and 200+ pounds.

You could choose latex, and it certainly would be possible to achieve a firmer feel in this thickness range as well. From looking on this forum previously, I know that both SleepEZ and Mattresses.net have some really affordable budget latex options (the Roma from SleepEZ is quite nice), and I’m sure there are more out there. But it’s not something I track.

I know you don’t use this mattress very often, but the worst thing is to need a “vacation from your vacation” because your RV mattress was horrible. You certainly can find options, both innerspring and foam, that will be able to support you in the thickness you desire, but it will involve a little bit of online searching or visiting of stores in your area. The latex offerings I listed are just two I know of off the top of my head, and there are too many of the Boxed bed and innerspring variety to list.

Hopefully that helps you out a bit.

Hello Jakofin,

I was reading this question and I wanted to offer this suggestion: Parklane RV Mattresses has 4 excellent options for you to consider.
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Parklane RV Mattresses has been rolling and shipping Innerspring Mattresses via UPS since the mid 90’s.

They have three innerspring units available in the size you need, and one memory foam.
All four are 8" or under in thickness, and all fall within your stated budget.

Out of the three innerspring mattresses that are currently offered – two have the Euro-Top and one is a one sided tight top.

Parklane RV Mattresses has had these three in their lineup for a very long time, and all three use the same Bonnell Coil system as their support.

The Traveler is The firm model.
This is the firmest of all the mattresses they offer, and would be my recommendation if you truly want a firm mattress.

The Explorer is a one sided Euro-top. This is considered a medium firm mattress, and has all of the comfort foam on one side for support and comfort.

The Journey is built just like the Explorer, with the addition of a 1” piece of Gel Memory Foam in the top comfort layer. It is considered a plush medium firm choice, and I describe this as comfortable and supportive.

Parklane RV Mattresses also has a Memory Foam mattress:
The Adventurer has a 6” foam base and 2” of 3 pound Memory Foam.

As Jeff from Mattresses to Go pointed out, Memory Foam mattresses may not breathe as well as an innerspring, and may not be ideal for warm sleepers in an RV.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to write me back.
You can also call Parklane RV Mattresses at 800-790-6422.

Debbie Lewis