Looking for Mattress in Charlotte, NC

My wife and I are looking for a new mattress.

Both of us are on the heavier side, significantly over 30 BMI.

I am a Side Sleeper 95% of the time, She alternates between Back and Side several times during the night.

I’m leaning toward a Latex Mattress, but could be convinced to go another route. (We’ve been on an Isoform Memory Foam for about 10 years now, and it is showing it’s age.)

I saw this post which listed some options in Charlotte. [map type=HYBRID zoom=2][/map] https://forum.mattressunderground.com/t/newbie-needs-help-with-mattress-selection I’m not sure if there are any additional places we should consider?

Most of the options I can find are Latex /HD Foam or Latex/Innerspring. If you know of any 100% Latex suggestions other than Lake Mattress or Dillworth Mattress, I’d appreciate it.

Hi wahooker,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

Having a high BMI presents special challenges and generally requires firmer materials (in the support layers especially). This could be firmer latex or innersprings (the type of support component would be a personal preference and in the right design either could be suitable) or even a zoned construction. The same overall guidelines apply with higher weights though that PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences) along with using high quality durable materials that will maintain their feel and performance for longer periods of time are the way to make the best choices. Heavier people in general will need firmer and thicker comfort layers and firmer support layers than those who are lighter and because no materials will last as long with much higher weights the quality and durability of the materials and components is even more important than normal. I wouldn’t “rule out” any types of mattress and base your choices on your own personal testing. Post #3 here has more information and suggestions about heavier weights that is worth reading.

That is the list I currently have for Charlotte. I also performed a quick online search in your area and didn’t come up with any new options. Of course, I’m not able to maintain a complete list of all retailers, so if you find a store not listed here, first confirm that they are completely transparent (see this article) and make sure that any mattress at those stores that you are considering meets your specific criteria and the quality/value guidelines here.

If you don’t find anything in your area that meets your requirements, you may wish to look online and use the experience and expertise of the members listed in post #21 here who are all very experienced and knowledgeable and specialize in providing the type of help and guidance on the phone that can help you make good choices. There are a wide range of latex and other options included in the choices there and I believe that all of them compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, and transparency.

There are many manufacturers on that list with detailed knowledge of latex mattresses and how they fit with different body types (including higher BMI) and sleeping positions. Using your feedback from local testing in the Charlotte area and their customer base of many people that they can use as reference points, they can make recommendations for you. Also, you can ask about any exchange, return, or any options they have available to customize a mattress after a purchase to help lower the risk of an online purchase. These online retailers or manufacturers can also be a good “value reference” for local purchases to make sure that if you are paying a “premium” for a local purchase (in exchange for the kind of “in person” guidance, service, and value that comes with dealing with a local retailer that can help you make more “accurate” choices that you have tested in person) that it is not too high.

Post #2 here and this topic have more about the pros and cons of a local vs an online purchase.

I hope that information is helpful to you.