Looking for Mattress Options in Washington, DC or Northern Virginia

Hi, I found this site to be very interesting. I need a new mattress, the old one was a compromise and not good for my back. Having read your informative information regarding selecting a mattress, do you have any suggestions about where I might look in my area?
I’ve already tested some memory foam mattresses - both at a major outlet and at Ikea. But, I really want this mattress to be worthwhile and work well for my back.

Hi Lizz_O

The better options I’m aware of in the Northern Virginia area are listed in post #2 here.

You may even find that your “best” choice in the DC area is not even local but may involve an online purchase (you can see an example of a member here from the DC area that decided in the end to make an online purchase and why). Of course each person may be very different in which parts of their “value equation” are most important to them.

Whatever direction you end up going for your purchase … some good local testing and research on different types of mattresses and materials will either lead to finding the best possible local quality and value that meets your needs and preferences or at the very least provide some good guidelines for an online purchase.


Thanks - this gives me a really good starting point and some food for thought.

If you are on the north end of DC or the suburbs, the Healthy Back Store at Tyson’s and Savvy Rest in Vienna (Main Street/Route 123 across from Jammin’ Java) are both great places to try out different combinations. Maddie at Savvy Rest was knowledgeable and extremely helpful and let me try out every combination of density in Talalay and Dunlop and mixed, and that really helped me zero in. I would have loved to have given them my business but the savings online were too great (I ended up saving online between the king talalay mattress and adjustable base). I also tried a number of other places in the area but these two in NOVA really covered a lot of options in a no-pressure setting.

:slight_smile: Wow. Thanks for the great advice. I’m not too far from those locations, so I will give one or both a try. Did you go anywhere else in the area? Just curious.

I did try a few but there were less useful (I sent you a little more info in a separate message).