Looking for mattress that is medium-soft and cool

Can anyone recommend a mattress that is medium soft and cool? I know softer normally means hotter but I was wondering if there was a mattress that found a way around that. Note: I’ve already tried Saatva and Brooklyn Bedding, they felt hot.

I found savvy rest Talalay To be cool and you can get them a medium and soft on the top make it more medium soft and their canvas quilted organic cover is more tot so it makes it more medium feel even if you have a soft topper that is only my personal experience, however. Feelings are quite subjective when it comes to heat cool and softness Hope this helps

Hi JBR, sometimes a hybrid mattress feels a little cooler because the coils allow air flow - although many people find latex to be cool if it has a cotton/wool cover to help regulate temperature. The Naturepedic hybrid and Obasan latex brands can both be customized to be medium soft, although I’m sure that, too, can be subjective!