Looking for new mattress - coolness a priority

First, thank you for this forum, it has been very informative to read.

I am interested in a new mattress for my wife and I. We currently have a memory-foam mattress that is 11 years old. We bought it online and it looks to be made by a company called WCW. I believe this is their website: http://www.emattress.com/

I really don’t remember anything about the kind of mattress we purchased, other than it has 3 inches of memory foam and 5 inches of support foam.

My wife and I have actually been very happy with the feel of the mattress, except for the fact that it does get a bit hot in the middle of the night.

So my question is what types of mattresses sleep the “coolest?” We would probably want to stick with memory foam, since we are accustomed and happy with the way we sleep on it.

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

Hi shappy,

WCW is the manufacturer of the SAT bed (Self Adjusting Technology). Some of their other sites are here and here. There are also independent distributors of the SAT bed including http://myergobed.com/ who are also very helpful and informative.

They make an airbed with various types of comfort layers (polyfoam, memory foam, but no latex) and not a traditional memory foam mattress. While I am not a fan of airbeds in general (you can see the article about them here), I also have to say that because the SAT bed is self adjusting and can adapt to different sleeping positions without intervention … it is among the better designs of these types of mattresses that use air bladders as a support system.

There are many choices in a more typical memory foam mattress (memory foam over polyfoam) and a wide range of how cool or warm each one may sleep. As a group … memory foam is the warmest of the three types of foam, polyfoam is in the middle, and latex is the coolest of the foams. There are also many other factors besides the type of foam used that can affect the sleeping temperature of a mattress. Some of the “coolness” differences between different types of memory foam are in post #6 here and some of the many other factors that can affect sleeping temperature are in post #2 here.

So overall you are looking at the “warmest” option of the foams so if you are committed to memory foam I would look for a mattress with more of the cooling features mentioned in the linked posts.

I would also read this article which may help you avoid most of the worse choices and outlets when you are mattress shopping. The best choice of outlet with the most knowledgeable and helpful people that can better help you make your best choices will usually be a factory direct manufacturer or a sleep shop that carries mattresses made by alternative or local manufacturers. This is almost always where you will find the best quality and value.

If you let me know the city or zip you live in I’d be happy to look and let you know of any local manufacturers or better outlets I’m aware of in your area.


Thank you very much for the information. I am not necessarily committed to any particular type of bed, other than not wanting to go back to a traditional innerspring mattress.

My zip code is 33437 and I would appreciate if you can check to see if there is anyplace near me that you would suggest I look at to get real help and information and not to be “sold.”

Oh, after doing some more research, I would love to find an independent place that sells talalay latex mattresses.

Thanks again,

Hi shappy,

You have some good choices in your area and post #2 here should help :slight_smile:


Excellent, thank you!

Hi shappy,

I should have added post #2 here as well.