Looking for new Mattress for chronic neck & back pain- help

Hi, we are looking for a new mattress and feeling overwhelmed with all of the options. Below are our top priorities in order followed by more info. The first 2 are equally important as they’re health related.

Top priorities:
-Asthma/allergies safe- Okeo-Tex, GOTS/GOLS, Certi-PUR etc. (natural not synthetic chemicals/off gases) and organic (if possible)

-Great Spinal alignment but also pressure relief; have spine and neck injuries; combo sleepers- mostly side & back (5’10” 235lbs, 5’3” 165lbs)

-responsive, edge support, low motion transfer/motion isolation, and sleeps cool. We don’t like to sleep hot like many memory foams do.

-Great quality, warranty, and return policy, trusted company and good customer support

We’ve tried the Saatva RX and Classic 14.5” luxury-firm bed in show room. We like both but the RX seemed a little plush for back and Classic was a little firm for side (both just minor but enough to tell the difference). We are also concerned about the memory foam (the durability over time & it being synthetic instead of natural like latex). I’m not sure if this will impact our asthma/allergies issues. The rep did say it was Certi-PUR but still a little concerned. We do not have a known latex allergy but have never slept on a latex mattress only innerspring with toppers.

We were leaning towards a latex hybrid bed mainly for the support and responsiveness since we are used to sleeping on innerspring, but are open for suggestions based on our priorities listed above. We would prefer individually wrapped pocket coils for less motion transfer and noise reduction if we go with another innerspring type or hybrid. We are open to all latex if it has the support/comfort/bounce needed.
I have no idea if we would need Dunlop or Talalay. I would think a Dunlop for base support and maybe a soft Dunlop or medium Talalay for top layer. We really need the support for back/neck pain and alignment but also the pressure relief especially for hips, shoulders & lower back as we sleep mostly on side and back. I can’t find a local mattress store that has latex/hybrid mattresses, so we are not sure how they would work for us.

Any suggestions, advice or things to consider? I am getting overwhelmed with all the options the more research I do. TIA


Hello caolson,

Welcome to the Mattress Underground!

It sounds like you have done a fair amount of research already. It can be a bit overwhelming, as there is now a lot of information out there to sift through.

You are correct - natural/organic usually does sleep cooler and there is not off-gassing, so it is healthier. The type of bedding you use will also impact this quite a bit as well.

The pocketed coils can really help with noise and motion transfer - you are on the right track there. Latex is also quite helpful in this regard. Latex can be customized so that it fits your support needs - and based on what you have said, you sound like you are on the right track with a firm support layer with cushioning on top.
One very simple test (beyond how the mattress feels) is to lay on it as if you were side sleeping and have your partner take a look at whether your spine is straight/neutral as it should be. You may need to tweak a mattress a bit in order to get the right balance of firmness and cushioning.
Regarding shoulder/neck pain, remember to check your pillow and make sure you have a supportive one, that aligns your neck with the rest of your spine.

Have you looked at Naturepedic at all? They are a trusted company, having been in business for 20 years. They have showrooms in many areas of the country. They offer many varieties of hybrid mattresses and 5 different support configurations to choose from. You can also customize by side.

We help many people by phone, so feel free to give us a call with questions. Best of luck in your search! Let us know if we can help.

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I have not heard of this brand before. I live in the south US. Thank you for the feedback and recommendation. I’ll check them out.

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Hi caolson and welcome to the forums! If you’re looking for a latex and coil hybrid, you might want to consider the Luxerion hybrid by Latex Mattress Factory - Luxerion Hybrid Latex Mattress – Latex Mattress Factory

It’s an outstanding mattress and one of the best values in terms of price, quality, and comfort. On the Hybrid, the top 3” of soft Talalay will ensure you get all the contour and pressure relief needed to avoid any hip pain or shoulder pain. This layer will also provide the secondary support needed to help avoid back pain. Secondary support is needed to fill in the gaps between your body and the mattress – back sleepers normally need secondary support to fill in the gaps between the small of their back and the mattress; side sleepers normally need secondary support to fill in the gaps between their mid-section and the mattress. If these parts of a person’s body aren’t supported by the mattress, their muscles will work throughout the night to hold these parts of the body up, and by the time they wake up they’ve got back pain. So the top 3” of soft latex will provide contour, pressure relief, and secondary support. The core of the mattress will provide all the primary support needed to maintain proper spinal alignment and avoid back pain. The Hybrid also has enhanced edge support, in case edge support is a concern of yours.

The cover is organic cotton & wool, and the Talalay is Oeko-Tex certified and it’s 100% natural Talalay. We don’t carry any blended latex, so all of our latex is made using 100% natural rubber from an actual rubber tree. The end product finishes at 98% pure rubber, and the remaining 2% of ingredients are things like natural fatty acids, natural soaps, and natural reinforcing agents needed for manufacturing.

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