looking for new mattress near Buffalo, NY

Hi, thank you for this great website!!! I’m searching for a new king size bed. My husband is particularly tough on our mattresses; our current one is a Sealy innerspring-- “high end” at the time-- but at 5 years it’s starting to bother him. He is a back sleeper and sleeps like a mummy (does.not.move.at.all.) with his arms usually crossed on his chest. We’ve only had inner spring ones before, and all have lasted about the same. I’m now thinking about a latex mattress based on what I’ve read here. Are there any good local manufacturers near here? And is my thinking on latex reasonable?
thanks so much!

Hi Steph,

Post #29 here includes some of the local “possibilities” and includes a link to a post with the closest factory direct manufacturer to you as well.

Latex is certainly a high quality and very durable material and would make a good choice for those who wanted a more “fast response” feel and as long as the combination of the firmness/softness levels of the support core (either latex, innerspring, or polyfoam depending on budget and preferences) and comfort layers were suitable for your needs and preferences. While memory foam in higher densities (5 lbs and up) and high quality HR polyfoam (2.5 lb density and higher with a high resilience and sag factor) can also be “high performing” and durable choices for a comfort layer (the upper layers are usually the “weak link” of a mattress) … latex has a long history of being the most durable of all the foam types.


Thank you! I will check all of them out!