Looking for OMF alternative to Simmons/Stearns Foster Luxury Firm innerspring

Hi all,

I have been researching (Thanks for this very informative site!) mattresses and trying to make the best decision in terms of comfort and reliability. Replacing a hand-me down mattress (likely bonnell coil) that has pretty much outlived its use. I am trying to find a suitable mattress at the Original Mattress Factory here in Durham, NC.

I am a 5’ 9" male about 200lbs (somewhat muscular) suffering from obstructive sleep apnea and recently began using a CPAP machine. Before being put on a CPAP, I was a stomach sleeper but occasionally slept on my side. Now I have been sleeping on my back or side due to the full face mask that I am using.

I have been in Sleepy’s, MattressFirm and the Original Mattress Factory (OMF) comparing mattresses. The more I test/learn the more difficult my choice becomes. I originally liked the OMF Orthopedic Super Pillow Top but concerned with sagging/lumps forming after some time with the pillow top. I went to MattressFirm and tried their Stearns/Foster Kathyrn luxury firm but the starting price was too high. The next best was the Simmons Beautyrest Graystone Plush Firm.

I am now considering the OMF Orthopedic Ultra Plush or Luxury Firm. I haven’t gotten a chance yet to test them in store yet (Durham, NC area) but plan to soon.

Assuming one of these are comfortable enough, are there any potential issues? I would also consider any other OMF innerspring model and/or putting a topper (the OMF salesman seemed to think toppers were not the way to go though).

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Simmons Beautyrest Graystone Plus Firm: http://mattressfirm.com/Simmons-Beautyrest-Graystone-13-Firm-P228.aspx
Stearns and Foster Kathryn Luxury Firm: http://mattressfirm.com/Stearns-and-Foster-Kathryn-13-5-Luxury-Firm-P276.aspx
OMF Orthopedic Luxury Firm: http://www.originalmattress.com/orthopedic/comfort-choices#orthopedic_luxury_firm


Hi VashDaStampede,

The first thing I would suggest is to read this article which will help you avoid most of the worse choices you could make such as the Simmons and Stearns & Foster you are looking at and hopefully keep you away from Chain stores such as Mattress Firm.

OMF on the other hand is fully transparent about the quality of the materials they use in their mattresses and in their budget ranges are much higher quality and value than anything even remotely comparable in a mass market outlet or major brand.

The majority of the polyfoam they use is much higher quality … even in their pillowtops … than the larger brands but it is still polyfoam and like all foam (including even latex which is the most durable foam of all) … it will still soften over time. This softening will be more apparent when thicker layers of soft foam are used in constructions like a pillowtop or eurotop and will be more apparent yet in sizes like a King size because the sides will soften more with use than the middle which isn’t used as much. In general … I would choose the mattress with the thinnest comfort layer that met your needs and preferences. Rotating a King size 1/4 turn on a regular basis and two sided constructions which can be flipped will help with this as well.

Overall … I would buy anything (that met your needs and preferences) at OMF over everything that was sold in a similar or even higher price range at mainstream outlets or major brands. You just won’t find mattresses in these types of outlets that use the same quality of materials in even remotely comparable price ranges. There is really no comparison in terms of quality and value.

You may also have some other alternatives in the area that also offer better quality and value than the mainstream choices and if you let me know the zip or city that you live … I’d be happy to let you know about any I’m aware of.


Thanks Phoenix!

I’ve read your article a couple of times and still trying to make sure I follow all 10 guidelines. Your article is one of the main reasons I’ve been leaning towards a mattress from OMF. Regarding OMF, I know your article mentions not getting caught up in coil counting, but should I be concerned with OMF’s Orthopedic line having much fewer coils than its lower priced Regency line?

I am in Durham, NC (27707) and I have browsed a few threads in your mattress forum. I am looking for a Queen size and would rather stay local if possible than traveling to High Point or Rocky Mount.

Thanks again for your advice and any further assistance you can offer.


Hi VashDaStampede,

I just realized that I missed where you already mentioned where you were in the first line of your first post. Oops

There is a Raleigh/Durham list in post #6 here but the odds are good that you are already heading in the direction of your best value with OMF. Some of the others there will have some other possibilities and types of mattresses but in terms of “value” OMF is likely to be your best choice.

This would be a good example of coil counting that could be misleading because the Orthopedic line actually has a better coil than the Regency. It has a higher number of turns and is lower gauge (stronger) and is knotted rather than free arm so overall it would be a more solid, stronger, and firmer support core. In addition to this … each type of coil will use different insulator materials (the layer over the coil and below the foam) to create the even support and feel of the mattress.

Different types of innersprings have different properties and response curves and are used for different reasons and purposes in a mattress. Some are designed to contribute more to the comfort of the mattress along with the support (more dual purpose) while others are used more for the support and the comfort is created through the combination of more specialized materials and foam above the coils. The insulator layers above the coils are also part of the coil support system and may use different materials in different designs.

In the same way for example … a very firm foam may be suitable for a mattress base layer but would be less conforming than a softer base foam so would need a different combination of materials and foams above it. A support core that was softer and more conforming would need less foam on top to create a similar feel and would be less specialized in each layer. So the coil in the Orthopedic line is more “specialized” to provide higher levels of support and the combination of layers above it are where the feel and pressure relief of the mattress is designed into it while in the Regency line the coils would be more conforming, less supportive, more “stressed” and use a different combination of materials to reach the design goal of the mattress.

In both cases … what you feel on the mattress in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) would be more important than the specific differences in design and identifying any “weak links” in the mattress would be much more important than specific coil counts between two different innerspring designs.

The “short” answer is that the innerspring in the Orthopedic has a more specialized design (along with the other layers above it) and no … I wouldn’t be concerned.


Thanks again Phoenix!!!