Looking for Phoenix help in Vancouver

We recently had to forfeit our existing super plush spring mattress. My wife is under 110 lbs and is a stomach sleeper and I am 190 and a side sleeper.
After much research and testing, my wife and I settled on the Eco Fusion by Majestic, mostly because it was in stock and we were in a bind. Link: http://www.majesticfuton.com/talalay_latex_mattresses.php#
After a week we both feel it is too hard. And eventhough it’s latex, I’m still warm through the night.

At this point we have two options:
We can take it back for store credit and buy another mattress, most likely the viscoform 5400: http://www.majesticfuton.com/5400.php
We could purchase a softer topper, like 2 or 3 inch aerus memory foam from a supplier like Discount Foam on Fraser Street.

Suggestions? Will a memory foam topper with a wool/ cotton mattress pad work or should we cut bait and roll the dice on the viscoform? We don’t want to spend more than $1,500.

Thanks! Great site. It’s an invaluable resource and saved me from buying an icomfort!

Hi Kevink,

While it’s probably safe to assume you have read this … for the benefit of others who may read this thread … a list of some of the better Vancouver options are in post #2 here.

On to your specific questions …

I would tend to give it more than a week because there is an adjustment period with any new sleeping surface although this would depend on the specific “symptoms” of the mattress being too hard.

Many of the best suggestions would also start with “it depends” and may require a more specific description of the symptoms you are experiencing, the areas of the body that are affected, the layering of the mattress, your sleeping positions (and which ones are experiencing the symptoms of “too hard”), the “degree” of adjusting that was needed, the specific final outcome you are looking for, and possibly other factors as well.

Some of the considerations I would take into account in making any changes would include the following …

  • The choice between latex and memory foam would be based on personal preference. My personal preference would be to “work with” the latex and make whatever adjustments were necessary to fine tune it to my needs and preferences but this is my personal preference only because I prefer the response and feel of latex (even if it is modified by a topper, a mattress pad, a protector, ticking/quilting, or different bedding) to memory foam. Other people would have different preferences from me. If I was to choose memory foam … then 5.3 lb Aerus would be among my choices in terms of materials (because it is more breathable and high quality) and the base foam is certainly high quality as well … but the specific layering would still be open to question and would be most accurately determined by personal testing.

  • Knowing what to adjust would depend to some degree on knowing the specific layering of the mattress you have. While “quality specs” are part of what every manufacturer should supply (type of latex, density of polyfoam and memory foam, the type of materials in the quilting/ticking etc.) … “non quality” specs (such as the specific ILD’s or thickness of each layer which have nothing to do with quality) may be proprietary to a manufacturer and be part of the design that leads to a specific feel. In these cases … the manufacturer would be in the best position to give advice about any fine tuning adjustments which could lead to the specific outcome you are looking for. If you know the thickness and the ILD of the upper layers and the type of quilting/ticking … then it would be easier to know the ILD or type of topper or other adjustments that would soften the mattress in the way you want to because you would have a reference point.

Some people will sleep warmer with any foam and suggestions about this would depend to some degree on knowing the type and ILD of the materials in the upper layers, the ticking/quilting, the type of mattress protector you are using, and the type of bedding you are using as well (sheets, blankets etc) because all of these (as well as personal and environmental factors of course) will affect the regulation of sleeping temperature.

A wool mattress pad or protector will certainly help with temperature regulation but depending on the thickness and the density of the wool it will also affect the feel and performance of the memory foam below it. This is a “tradeoff” that depends on which is most important to each individual. Aerus though is already one of the most breathable memory foams and may need less “modification” to sleep cooler than other memory foams. The tradeoff here is between the modification of the feel, response, and temperature sensitivity of the memory foam and the temperature regulation of wool (or other materials) that are used on top of it.

I know that this may not give you the specific “what to do” answers you may be looking for but there are too many variables and unanswered questions and also personal preferences involved to give you more than guidelines about “how” to make your best decisions.

If I’ve left something out or if you can fill in more of the specifics … let me know.

I’m glad the site helped you :slight_smile: