Looking for polycore with clear vinyl cover to build a mattress. 26" x 76"

Poly core must be fire resistant, and a clear vinyl cover fire resistant as well. Pass california mattress fire tests. Looking to purchase the raw materials. Antibacterial a plus. Thanks.

Hi Happer,

I would probably try a local foam supplier for the foam. There are some good online options for polyfoam in post #4 here if there are no good suppliers near you. many of these would likely supply fire retardant foam as well. The fire regulations are for a whole mattress not for individual layers although different layers can all contribute to whether a mattress as a whole passes the code. The only way to know whether a whole mattress with a specific design will pass is to burn a prototype of the actual mattress.

I have no idea of where you could find a clear vinyl cover but it would be great if you could let us know if you find one in case someone else is looking for something similar. You may want to try some of the options listed in the components post I mentioned under “mattress covers” to see if any of these know of or have access to one.