Looking for seller recommendations around Northern VA


I thought some of the guides posted on this forum were great, so now I’m following one of the suggestions to ask for local vendors in my area. Any suggestions for sellers in and around Northern Virginia? (Southern Maryland would be ok too.)



I’m in the same boat. Where are you located Mike? I’m off the East Falls Church metro. We decided to take a gamble on Brooklyn Bedding. Spoke with Chuck today, and he is a standup guy. Really seems to work to take the risk out of buying mattresses online, especially with the Euro bed.


Post #2 here should help :slight_smile:


Vbt- We’re out in Loudoun County.

Pheonix- thanks, I’ll check it out.

We’re finally getting into this thing. We tried some memory foam mattresses at one of the local chain stores, and while my wife sort of liked them, I didn’t.

We finally got to try some of the latex mattresses at one of the stores listed in your (Phoenix) post above, and both liked them way better than the foam.

We got to the SavvyRest store in our area, and while we really liked the three-layer, choose your own layer setup, the prices were pretty high. (And there’s no return policy- only a swap your layer system.)

We also tried the local HealtyBack outlet, which had two latex mattresses in the showroom-- a soft and a medium. They were marginally cheaper than SavvyRest, but for the lack of choice and layer swap, I’d go with SavvyRest…

It’s still a big item on my list to get to the AmericanFoamCenter place your recommended on your Northern Virginia list, as it sounds like they may be a good value location.

Sadly, we’re discovering that my wife and I seem to like different firmness, so I’m thinking we’ll have to go with a split mattress option. She seems to like it as soft and as Talay as possible, whereas I seem to like it as firm and as dunlop as possible. Oh well.

Anyway, thanks again for the help, and I’ll update as we explore more.

Edit- meant to ask, do you have any experience with or knowledge of habitatfurnishings.com?

Hi redmike,

Thanks for the feedback about your experiences.

No personal experience no but there are quite a few posts about them on the forum. A forum search on habitat (you can just click this) will bring up more about them. In essence they use good quality materials but the options they offer and their value isn’t great IMO.