Looking in CT, MA, and RI states

I am new to this sight. I want to do this mattress shopping the right way. I am looking in CT, Mass., and RI states. Any suggestions? I live in Northeast Connecticut.

Hello, Supermomaim.

Here at My Green Mattress, we make non-toxic, healthy mattresses for the entire family out of all natural and organic materials. We include free shipping. You may not already be considering going green with your mattresses; however, we’d love to speak to you as to the benefits of an all-natural mattress if this is something that appeals to you.

Hello, I also live in CT. The SW to be precise. Did anyone ever answer your question? I can’t find any green beds here. I moved to CT two years ago and the shopping here lacks so much. Would appreciate any help. Thank you and happy holidays.


Hello, AngelaAdelle.

It can be hard for many folks to find green options in their local markets - that’s where My Green Mattress comes in! We offer free shipping and a 100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial to assist in providing healthy mattress options to you and your family quickly and with peace of mind. Visit our website at MyGreenMattress.com to browse our selection, and our customer service team is available Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm CST to help you in choosing the proper fit!

My Green Mattress

Hello Angela Adelle & Supermomaim,

The Information that you can get on the Mattress Underground for foam and latex is superb, but the reality of it all is making sure that the salespeople know how to fit you to the proper mattress.

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