Looking to purchase the right latex mattress in Canada and would love help. (:

I have never owned a new mattress. I’ve also never had a full nights sleep. I’m starting to think those are not coincidences.
Now, at 24, I think it’s time to but on my big-kid pants and buy a brand new mattress before I go crazy from sleep deprivation. I’ve been searching but I am becoming so overwhelmed… I think I’ve narrowed it down, though.

I’m a mostly side sleeper with some tummy sleeping, too. My partner is a side and back sleeper. I also suffer from sciatica pretty chronically. I believe that means we’d need a medium-firm mattress to accommodate all that?

From what I’ve researched, I’m fairly certain I will be going with a latex mattress for a few different reasons;
1- the durability and lifetime
2- the firmness potential vs a foam
3- We’re both hot sleepers and cuddlers so the cooling aspect is great.
But I’ve also read about possibly going with a foam mattress and a latex topper? So many choices!

I live in BC Canada, and I think that’s making it a bit harder for me to find a reputable online source. I’m searching online mainly because showrooms with latex mattresses are few and far between, and out of the way. There’s one I MAY be able to reach called Nature’s Embrace. They are on my “maybe” list.

What I haven’t completely settled on is if 100% latex is better than a hybrid? I am leaning towards full latex but I can’t remember the research that led me to this conclusion.

What I’d like;
Queen size
Canadian shipping
Latex (either 100% or hybrid depending)
Side/tummy/back sleeping - medium firm?
Preferably sleep guaranteed / returnable
HOPING to stay under a budget of around $1,500CAD after everything said and done.

Some brands I’m considering;

Nature’s Embrace (haven’t heard much and they’re quite expensive… worried the price may not reflect quality)

Naturelle (heard iffy things and also good things. Need a score settler.)

Recore (Canadian, free shipping and a 120 day sleep trial… but only offer one mattress style and having a hard time getting information and reviews on them.)

Dormio (website gives me a shady feel, but their options seem really good. Difficult finding reviews.)

Are there any other good, Canadian accessible brands I am overlooking?
I really appreciate any help in this process. My brain is beginning to short circuit! Thank you for any time. (:

Essentia stratami seemed like a nice enough sort when I tried it at my local essentia store and is rated #1 foam mattress by consumer reports. I didn’t liked the wavy feeling of the top layer but you may like it. At least try it out. I don’t really like memory foam but if you do they have “natural memory foam” which is either slow response latex or memory foam made allegedly ~ 90% natural according to thier chief engineer I spoke with. Personally I love soft talalay up top(talking N1) followed by either firmer Dunlop or talalay or support coils. Still working on making microcoils work.

Ah, I do remember looking at that brand! I’ll have to go back and check them out again. Maybe they’ll have a physical store near me.

I’m a little worried about going too soft due to my sciatica, but I’m also nervous going too firm. It’s definitely a balance I’ll have to strike…

Do you find going for a firmer base and a topper is a good idea? Because theoretically I could always replace a topper for cheaper than a whole mattress…

If you don’t use an adjustable base I like your idea. I have 2 twin xls on adjustable bases and i find toppers of all kinds shifting around(left & right) but especially forward when I put the back upright. Even the toppers I’ve tried with straps, non skid bottoms you name it.

I’ve found the best way to prevent topper shifting is to get a thick enough zippered mattress encasement to hold that extra material such as the topper and then you dont have to worry as much about shifting.