Looks Like I'll Still Need a Topper

Hi Phoenix,
so I tried my new pillow top from RB for the first time last night, decided not to put any of the memory foam toppers on it so I could get a good idea of how it will feel. It is a wonderful quality mattress, nice and even on the surface–unlike the others, there’s no dip toward the middle!!! And it felt pretty “soft” in the store, even on my sides (with their bursitis), and I was optimistic that it might be soft enough to help with the pain. So I went that route instead of getting one with the specific intention of using a topper. But after trying to sleep a whole night at home, unfortunately, my hips were achy & pretty sore. So I guess I’ll start experimenting with toppers til I find a combination that works.

Am re-reading all your posts and suggestions, and printing them out for guidance. As the bed is brand new and in great condition with no dips (even though it already is a pillowtop) hopefully a topper will help. Tonight will try a 2" foam topper (from Target, so not that great, but it was what I was using on the previous bed). If that is not enough pressure relief for the bursitis I will try the 3" 4lb density memory foam topper I ordered from Amazon that’s been sitting in a box in my bedroom for a few weeks. (I’ve been afraid to open it because not sure how to return it if need be–ever tried to get one of those things back in a box?). Fortunately the Target topper had worked pretty well on the old/new Simmons as long as I stayed on the left edge of bed on top of the edge encasement foam, and didn’t roll toward the middle of bed. :wink: But that was no long-term solution; hence the new RB bed.

So, I will just have to make it work, as I can’t afford any more new beds!

Hi Vicky,

I would give your mattress a few weeks at least to break in and for your body to get used to a new sleeping surface that is different from what it was used to before making any changes or adding any toppers to your mattress (see post #3 here and post #2 here).
If after a few weeks you find that you still need it then it would be a much better time to start considering a topper.

The suggestions in post #5 here should help you vacuum compress the topper if you need to.


Hi Phoenix,
thanks for the topper compression info–will come in handy if necessary.
And night 2 on the new mattress was much better! You were right. I gotta just chill.
THANK YOU for all the good advice.