Los Angeles Local Latex Vendor Needed


I am looking for a local supplier of latex in the Los Angeles surrounding area. I need the layers in my mattress swapped out of the fabric layer and replaced with new layers (6 total / 3 on each side). Please let me know if you know of anyone.

Thank you.

Hi AlliAngeles,

I am trying to fully understand the nature of you question. It appears that you want to swap out layers which appear to be split on each side of the mattress.

Is there some reason why you would not simply order these layers from someone like @Latex_Mattress_Fact1 or @Arizona_Premium where they could help you select the exact type of latex and ILD’s that meet all your preferences to refurbish your mattress?


Flexus Comfort in Covina

Flexus Comfort seems to have gone out of business.

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Contact Information | Contact FoamOrder give them a call not Los Angeles, closer to San Francisco, but they deliver & may have outlets near you. They also manufacture various types of foam, and are great answering questions.