lots and lots of info!!! But have some questions if I may....

So I have been lurking sometime and trying to learn what I need to know to make an informed decision. So I am down to what I think are 3 solid scenarios to buy from

  1. Brooklyn Bedding-Bamboo Bliss Latex with HD foam core. About 1200.00
  2. Their amazon brand-Dream Foam latex- This one also has Latex comfort layer and HD foam core about 900.00
  3. and finally from mattresses.net-Was looking at one of their Adjustable Ultra Plush beds…this is full latex for about 1300.00

Mattress.net has the DIY and that does look pretty interesting, but am concerned that the support core may be a bit too firm.

My wife and I both like medium, I am 5-10, and about 180, she is 5-5, about 130.

So any suggestions or thoughts as to those vendors and products?

Hi railbird,

You are certainly looking at some great choices.

I’m not sure which of the Dreamfoam mattresses you are considering but I’m assuming it’s the Ultimate Dreams Natural Latex mattress here?

If that’s the case … they both use high quality base layers (an 8" 2.17 lb polyfoam base for the Brooklyn Bedding and a 5.5" 2.35 lb for the Natural Latex mattress) and both use wool and polyfoam in the quilting layers (although the polyfoam in the Bamboo Bliss is a little thinner). The main difference between them though is that the Ultimate Dreams Natural Latex mattress uses a Dunlop latex comfort layer while the Bamboo Bliss uses a Talalay latex comfort layer and the Bamboo Bliss has an exchangeable comfort layer that can be exchanged for a different firmness level after a purchase if your original choice turns out to be too soft or too firm while the Natural Latex mattress is a “finished” mattress.

Mattresses.net gives you several options for the firmness of their support cores so you can choose the one that your discussions with them indicate would be the most suitable choice for your specific needs and preferences (and they can be split with a different firmness on each side and can also be exchanged for a different firmness after a purchase). They also have several options for the comfort layer. You can read a little more about the differences between a latex hybrid mattress and an all latex mattress in post #2 here. Both manufacturers make latex hybrids as well as all latex mattresses.

Once you have eliminated all of the worst options and are looking at choices between “good and good” and there are no clear “winners” between them, then only you can decide which of your final choices would be best for you based on your preferences, your discussions with each manufacturer, and on the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you (see post #2 here).