Love Beloit Mattress Company!

After doing tons of reseach here, husband and I took a trip to Beloit Mattress company. to try out a latex bed. Very impressed with the quality of all their mattress sets there, so well made, top notch materials. The lady that helped us ( sorry, can’t remember her name) was very helpful, knowledgeable just a pleasure to deal with. No pressure. Ended up orderig a nature rest set (all talalay latex, with the nuform top,which was a little firmer feeling than the other). Also bought 2 latex pillows (firmer also). Oh yeah, got the 5% discount, yes!every little bit helps! One week later picked up freshly made matt. and found. 1st night…hmmm…not sure, this is not at all like old mattress (thats a good thing but it was more different than expected,tho the saleslady did warn us!), 2nd night…okay,better but…fast forward to end of week and I totally LOVE my latex matt and pillows!!! Actually I was very surprised that it took only a few days to get so used to it. Now my back pain is very minimal and all the pressure point pain I was feeling is all gone. This matt. is so comfortable (husband thinks so too). Anyway, thank you so much for your website and the recommendation of Beloit Mattress Company-Anyone going there won’t go wrong.:slight_smile:

Hi gertruder,

First of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Thanks too for your review and sharing your experiences while you were adjusting to a new sleep surface. This is particularly valuable for people to know about because materials that are different from what we are used to or where our “sleeping memory” on an old mattress needs to be “forgotten” … it can take a while to adjust even if the new mattress is far superior to what we had. The interesting part of this is that once the adjustment is over (days to a few weeks) … then it’s hard for the same people to even imagine how they could have slept on what they were used to before.

As you also know … I also think very highly of Ryan and Beloit and IMO you make a great choice. Best of all you have a mattress that is not only great quality and “works” for your needs and preferences … it also has great value.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.