"Lovesac sactional" cushions

Has anyone successfully reconstructed the lovesac sactional cusions? We got the one we have for free and it help up ok for a cpuple years. But, it’s extremely uncomfortable currently and ready for a refresh. I don’t want to experiment and get it wrong so hoping someone here has had some luck!

Hi ChristoP, and welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

It’s always difficult to replicate the feel of a specific brand of mattress or cushion, and more difficult if you cannot determine the density & other specifications.

I took a look at the Lovesac Sactional; this is a no-fabric proprietary cushion design using ‘3 HD layers including a supportive central layer
that preserves loft and resists sagging’, and the standard size is 8” high. As it’s a Lovesac-only design, they do not disclose much else. You could try contacting a foam seller and asking off they can match the feel; they may have some knowledge of prior requests like this.

Possibly someone in our Forum Community can share their experience in a similar project. I wish you success with your search!

~ Basilio

Thank you for the reply! I ended up taking apart the cushion and it looks to be 3 layers, as mentioned.
1 - 4" layer of foam cushion bottom
1 - 3" layer of foam cushion middle
1 - 1" layer of dacron fill top

The current sactional is way too soft for my liking so I was looking to go a little firmer than stock. I ended up ordering the following and will report back here after we try it out.

4" layer is “Lux Foam” - high quality from Foam Factory
3" layer is HD36 Foam – high quality
1" layer is simple.dacron fiber fill

I got them cut to size but could have saved some cash if I was brave enough to cut my own! Total for 4 cushions roughly $383 shipped. Total from Lovesac would bave been $500 before shipping and taxes. Not a huge savings but I would prefer to dial in a more comfortable cushion that will last the next 7+ years rather than replace the lovesac cushion again in 3 years.

I will let you know how it went after I out them together!

Hi ChristoP,

Great choice! You did save a bit, and as you say, the ability to custom fit the cushion to your preferred firmness is a big plus!
Congratulations - keep us posted how it’s working out!

~ Basilio

I forgot to circle back to this chat! Huge win for comfort with the recipe I posted previously. The cushions are definitely more firm than they were previously but still very comfortable. The increased firmness feels more like “hey, this support is great!,” rather than “dang, this is really hard.”

For folks that like something a bit softer, my recommendation would be to try a lower density bottom layer.

As far as putting the cushions together, it wasn’t so bad. Took me a few hours to put together 4 cushions with most of the time spent waiting for the spray glue to dry and then stuffing everything into the cover. They cut a couple pieces slightly bigger than I needed so I had quite the time trying to squeeze it all in there.

All in all, I’d call this a success. The cushion covers were in great shape so this breathed new life into this couch. Highly recommend giving this a shot if you have an expensive sofa that has gotten a little too soft and uncomfortable over the years.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hi ChristoP,

Congrats! Sounds like you ‘aced’ your DIY Lovesac cushions!
Thanks for describing your process as well, so any forum member down the line can use your post as a ‘how to’ for their own project. May you have. Any many comfortable hours on your new cushions!

~ Basilio