Low back/neck pain

Hi Phoenix,

Well, my back is slowly starting to feel better. But, my husband is now experiencing some low back and some neck pain. Thoughts?

Also- we are trying out the flex slats on one side and the solid box on the other side. The weird thing- he’s been snoring a ton on the flex slat side and no snoring on the solid box side.

Hi SleeplessinDallas,

Of course it’s not possible for me to know for sure but I will say that you are certainly facing your share of challenges. Now that you are close to being there (with perhaps a bit of “cush” added to the top), now he is the one with “issues”.

The first place I would look for neck pain is a pillow issue. If his pillow is a thicker and firmer “side sleeping” pillow and he is spending more time on his back this could be part of the issue (head up too high).

With lower back pain and a back sleeper … (6’1" ~220lbs side/back sleeper) … The first place I would look is alignment. It may also help to see if a pillow under the knees will help the back (flattens the lumbar arch and helps prevent hyperextension) and this could give some clues as to what is happening. If the mattress is more set up for his side sleeping and he is spending more time on his back … this could be part of what is happening.

If the flex side is reducing the depth of his upper torso then this could be part of the problem. If his torso is sinking in more (in combination with the pillow being too thick with the increase in sinking in) Raising the head of the bed slightly can help with snoring and lowering it may do the opposite. How are the flex slats set up (areas of firmer and lower tension)?

It sounds like he could be spending more time on his back which could be contributing to all of these.


Hi Phoenix!

Well, once again, I think you were correct. A few changes for my husband-- I moved him over to my side for the last week with the solid wood slats, I made him adjust pillows, and I took off the topper- mattress only. The challenge is that he often rotates b/t back and side in any given night. The good news is that in the last week like this- he’s feeling good again, no pain.

Of course, I have a bit of pain b/c I was back on the flex slats. But, I don’t want my husband to suffer b/c I keep messing with the bed all the time. :wink: I will contact Sovn today to confirm that we both want the solid wood slats rather than flex and then I’ll give that a week or so. The few nights I did sleep on the solid wood foundation I had no pain.

So- I think we’re moving back in the right direction!

Hi SleeplessinDallas,

That’s great news! Thanks for the update.

I’m looking forward to the time when most of your nights (for both of you) are pain free in the longer term. It seems very close :slight_smile: