Lowcostliquidator on ebay

Hi all,

Does anybody know anything about the seller on eBay low cost liquidator? They have talalay latex at a good price + free shipping. I contacted the seller and they said thier latex is by latex international. Very little feedback on eBay. Let me know. Thanks!

ADMIN NOTE:Retired Website | Archived Footprint: seller:belowcostliquidator for sale | eBay

Hi ps99115,

There is nothing for sale at the link you included in your post but in general terms I would be very cautious about buying latex from any “unknown” supplier, especially if they are a liquidator, because the risk of buying a defective or used layer that was previously returned or where what you think you are buying is different from what you end up receiving is much too high and I would be very cautious with this type of purchase and treat it as “buyer beware”.


That’s good advice. Thanks for the response!