Lower back pain with Savvy Rest latex

I am trying out how to layer my SavvyRest Serenity. I’ve tried multiple configurations and have referred to this forum continually throughout the process.

The most comfortable configuration for me thus far has been Medium Dunlop on bottom, Firm Dunlop in the middle, and Soft Talalay on top (M/F/S).

I also found that F/F/S was okay, but perhaps a bit too hard.

However, I’m still not sleeping through the night, and I wake up with some back stiffness. For reference, I’m just over 5’ 9" and about 145 lbs with an athletic build (female).

Would you recommend swapping out the top layer (currently Soft Talalay) for Medium Talalay? Would this be too firm for a side sleeper?

I also ordered an additional 2" Medium Talalay comfort layer from Sleeping Organic to “float” above the mattress just under my sheets. I’m waiting for it to arrive, but I’m also wondering if this will be too cushiony for my lower back issues.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Hi DR,

Sorry you’re having problems getting a comfortable configuration with your savvyrest. Most (lower) back pain is a result of the top comfort layer being too soft, and in your case you have soft talalay, which is softer than dunlop.

To complicate issues, most manufacturers have their own ILD specifications for their own builds in which they refer to soft/med/firm/xfirm, so for instance a savvy soft may be softer (or firmer) than a cozypure soft, which can make it difficult for someone other than the direct supplier/manufacturer to troubleshoot.

Have you contacted savyrest with your issues? I suggest that be your first starting point since they know the exact densities of their layers, and will be able to assist you in finding the best configuration for your needs.

Good luck!

Thanks for you thoughts, Cheryl. Incidentally, I just purchased two of your LaNoodle pillows yesterday, which are on their way to me.

You’re very welcome and I hope you are soon sleeping happy! And… Thank you for your LaNoodle pillows order, it’s definitely a customer favorite so hopefully we can add you to the list.

I wanted to provide a (rather triumphant) update on my travails in getting the latex layers right on my Savvy Rest Serenity bed. I’ve been struggling with lower back pain for weeks since getting a new mattress, and like many on this forum, was beginning to despair.

Domenic at my local Savvy Rest store recommended that I try the following configuration (bottom to top): F/M/M (all Dunlop). He advised me to turn each layer to the denser side (larger holes facing up). I have to admit that going this firm was not intuitive to me. It felt more firm than I thought felt comfortable, but given that my top layers of Medium and Soft Talalay weren’t helping my back pain, I had nothing to lose in trying something dramatically different from my current configuration.

Last night was the first that I slept without back pain. I woke up a few times, but not with back pain. I am hopeful that this is a consistent pattern going forward.

While this layering may not be as enveloping as I want, it provides the right support and stability. I can add comfort elements later–like the LaNoodle topper that I’ve been coveting.

I also want to add that I slept with the LaNoodle pillow too last night, which also helped I think. A big shout out to Susan at CozyPure who not only helped with my order of the Lanoodle pillow but also encouraged me to prevail on SavvyRest for further direction.

Hi DR,

I was aware that Cheryl was talking with someone on MU regarding lower back pain with their Savvy Rest mattress. I had no idea it was you! Happy to know you are close to a resolution with your mattress. Your CuddleTop is ready when you are and thanks for the shout out!