Lucid 12" memory foam with cover Tiny Glass particles everywhere Health hazard

My girlfriend purchased a memory foam mattress about a year ago ,dog had a little accident so I pulled the cover off immediately , put it in the wash and dryer next ,put everything back on and soon we were both itching ,sneezing and breathing was not good ,I turned on a flashlight and saw sparkles coming from the glass that was everywhere, There is a very thin cover on the bed itself that is laced with glass so when you lay on the bed it breaks it down and attaches to the nice cover so if you ever take off the cover you are exposing yourself to lots of glass it was on my pillows in my clothes everywhere ,I am nervous that we breathed this Can anyone help what should we do ,I have cleaned dusted encased the mattress in a bed bug cover I ,bought new sheets pillows washed washed washed and empty washed the washing machine , ,the glasss fibers are in anything it touches especially clothes and bedding

Hi bigmcfry1,

It sounds like you have some type of fiberglass fire barrier in your mattress. Normally a fire barrier is either a “sock” that fits around the layers and components in your mattress or is quilted to the cover and I suspect that yours is quilted to the cover and was broken down when you machine washed your cover. If your fire barrier is a sock then it also seems to be defective since you shouldn’t be seeing glass particles migrating out of the fire barrier.

I personally wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping on this either and the first thing I would do is contact the manufacturer to see if you can replace your cover or ask for any other advice they may have.

Other than that … using a bed bug cover with a waterproof membrane (as you are doing) would probably be the most practical way to help protect you from the fibers. If you do this I would leave it on your mattress permanently and then use a second protector for the top surface that you can remove and clean as necessary. You could also use something like this to surround your mattress but this wouldn’t be as comfortable and would increase the sleeping temperature of your mattress.


Hi bigmcfry1, is there a chance that this mattress features a bamboo cover? I’ve seen others complain of shiny fibers that can result from tears or opening the cover on mattresses like those from Lucid on Amazon (which state the cover shouldn’t be removed). I’m not picking on Lucid, that was just one I happened to see several customers report similar shiny fibers coming from. Hard to tell if it’s fiberglass, but it may also be bamboo (with all the trend in bamboo covers). Both people who grow certain types of bamboo and people who work with bamboo fibers (yarns etc) have had similar experiences with short small shiny fibers that can also cause allergic reactions such as itching, burning, skin irritation and sneezing. Typically from lower grade bamboo fabrics or fibers where they use enough of the product to call it ‘bamboo’ but use lower quality shorter fibers rather than the more premium longer fibers. I would guess that using shorter ‘cull’ type fibers would increase the chance of them coming loose.

I am having the exact same problem with ours. For a while I would smell something funny so my husband and I decided to lift our mattress up and look under it and there was black mold growing under it. I took the cover off and washed it then put it back on then noticed that there were shiny fibers everywhere. My husband my daughter and I sleep on this bed. And we are so itchy. The fibers are on everything. Our clothing blankets and sheets. I’m more worried about what happens if we breathe it in. We want to just trow the bed out because we tried vacuuming and using lint rollers to take out the fibers from sheets pillows blankets and clothing but nothing is working. The fibers irritate our skin, lungs and My daughter has a nasty cough. If we throw it out we will have to sleep on the floor for a while because we cannot afford to buy a new bed blanket or sheets for a while. Any suggestions? :unsure: :frowning:

Hi ekiokun,

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It may be worthwhile considering replacing the cover. You could call Lucid to see if they sell a replacement cover but if they don’t there are also some good sources for replacements covers in post #4 here.


Was this every resolved? Did you all figure out if this was mold or just some sort of fiberglass or what? I have a memory foam mattress and I just got a bunch of these little fibers all over my clothes and now I’m really freaking out about this and I’m super stressed. And when googling any combination of memory foam and fibers, this is really the only result that comes up. Please help. Thank you.

Hi Elliot,

Did you wash your cover before this started to happen?

It would also be a good idea to contact the manufacturer or retailer where you purchased your mattress to see if they can help as well because without being able to see what you are referring to and knowing what is inside your mattress (including the type of fire barrier) it would be very difficult to guess what may be happening.


No, I took the cover off TO wash it and noticed all the fibers on the actual bed itself. It’s 50% polyurethane. I’m not sure what other information is relevant.

Hi Elliot,

The glass particles could be from a fiberglass fire barrier but hopefully the manufacturer will be able to provide you with more specific information about what it could be.


omg what did you do? i have same issue with 4 kids low income its in my brand new washer n dryer that costed $1,400!!

Hi lisaK,

Did you contact Lucid?

I for one would be very interested in seeing what they say about these “shiny fibers” that people are reporting.

I’m also somewhat surprised that not a single person in this topic has talked to them and come back to report what they said.


Please advise what you did I am in the exact same situation

I had the same issue just happen but I purchased the Sleepy’s twin size mattress. I took it off to wash and now there are glass particles EVERYWHERE!!! We are so itchy and are breathing in these particles, witch is REALLY bad and can lead to pneumonia and maybe even a carcinogen. They “flew” all over the house and is in the kitchen, bathroom, literally EVERYWHERE. I threw out the cover and the sheets and pillow cases that were contaminated. I am concerned for my 12-month old and 4-year old who are breathing in these particles. There really needs to be a warning on there to let you know 1) what it is made of and 2) that you should not wash it. I contacted Mattress firm where I purchased it to return it all, they said someone will call me back within 48 hours. If this is what they use to cover all foam mattresses then I am going back to coils. So AWFUL!!!

Hi sweetcoeur.

Welcome to our forum :slight_smile: and sorry about your experience with Sleepy’s mattress :frowning:

Quite a few people complained about similar issues with Lucid mattress. I am not sure if the cover is washable but hopefully, Sleepy’s will connect with you to provide some information and offer some solutions. I’d be very interested to hear the results of your conversation.


Sweetcoeur, I tonight just had the same issue as you on our sleepy’s twin foam mattress. I would be interested in hearing what you ended up doing. My son wet his bed so I removed all the sheets to wash and noticed that my skin and face was extremely irritated. I had to shower and change my clothes twice. even now i still don’t feel 100%. Getting a professional to clean out my boys room tomorrow. In the meantime they are sleeping in our guest bed. This is horrible! I can’t believe this is legal. My young children are sleeping on these.

Hi Dina and all.

Sorry about your experience with Sleepy’s, mattress cover.

As this seems to be a recurring topic, I contacted Mattress Firm asking for details about the cover and what may cause this. I don’t expect I’ll hear back before Monday, but when they get back I’ll return to update with the findings. Meanwhile, it may be worth considering surrounding the mattress or calling Mattress Firm to see if they sell a suitable cover replacement.