Lucid® Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame and Mattress Foundation discount 65%

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Hi mattress101,

Not to be a dark cloud or anything, but both this and the previous post seem like they’re ‘deals’ based on heavily over inflated ‘list price’. I don’t believe the Dreamfoam CrazyQuilt is a $1200 mattress nor do I think I’ve ever seen it listed at that price. It’s a more economical budget line mattress and far as I know that was Dreamfoam’s intentions from the onset. As for the Lucid folding metal bed, there are a number of ‘brands’ of the same or very similar folding metal platform beds roaming around and I’ve never seen them listed for $300. $105 is a more normal price, some may be more or less by around $20 depending on the vendor/retailer.

I would be cautious with some ‘deals’ especially when sold this way on Amazon. It’s worth a few minutes to search the web for the same or similar items and get a feel for what ‘real’ prices are. Some items occasionally go on sale and a more legit sale would be “regular price 109.99, on sale for 99.99”. A good indicator it’s a ‘fake sale’ is when the ‘savings’ are astronomical. Unless it was a pure one time closeout or liquidation, I wouldn’t expect to find $1200 mattresses for under $300. Even then I’d be cautious since it would be rare.

Hi brass,

both of mattress101’s posts were just advertising their referral code with a hidden link in them which is against the rules of the forum.

I will delete this thread (as I did their other one) and they are now banned for spamming but I thought I’d leave it up for a bit so you could see this reply before I did.