Luma All Latex - Redesign?


It looks like the Luma Latex mattress may have had a design update somewhat recently. According to the website, it’s now 3" Firm 100% Natural Dunlop for the base layer, then 3" Medium-Firm N4 100% Natural Talalay Latex, 2" Medium N3 Natural Talalay Latex, with 1" Plush N2 Natural Talalay Latex on top, for a total of 9".

I was looking to confirm this is accurate, along with the following:

  • weight of a Queen size
  • FRB - another post indicates it’s one of the Milliken solutions but wanted to confirm it was inherent/non-fiberglass AND if it’s thin/low-loft or has some loft
  • Glue - assume it’s considered a “safe” adhesive so just looking for any details that can be provided
  • Is the current price promotional and/or will it be considerably higher soon (website indicates $400 savings on each size)?

It looks like this construction could be suited for some portion of customers as-is, without a topper. I was wondering if this may have been one of the goals with redesign (assuming there was one in the past year or so).


Hi Manimal.

I see you’ve also asked this question to Luma directly! They are definitely the best source of information with regards to the specific concerns you have.

I am sure they will reply soon.

We appreciate you visiting out Mattress Forum!

Hi NikkiTMU,

Thanks for your response. I did post in both areas to try and “hedge” the probability of getting a response sooner rather than later :slight_smile: It looked like there were some posts in recent months under their direct listing that either didn’t receive a reply or possibly just a PM. I was also hoping for a general response, or something I could post for the benefit of the general forum. In the meantime, it appears the $400 discount isn’t showing on their site anymore which is a bit frustrating… but to be fair, will see what they say and how things turn out.