Luma Hybrid Slumber comments

After spending two months researching and reading everything I could find, we decided to try the Luma Hybrid Slumber, medium firm. The details of the mattress are already on this website so I’ll give give you my review and how we came to this decision. With so many choices and information out there I hope this helps someone.

A little background about us. We had a Tempur cloud luxe for seven years. I don’t think I ever really loved the mattress but it was ok for the first 5 years. I’m a 180 lbs back sleeper and my side sleeping spouse is 110.
My side developed a sag, not visible but I felt like I was sleeping in a ditch. I tried to file a warranty claim, but was told it was not significant enough to trigger a replacement and said it was my foundation, which is a solid platform bed. They offered a 200 dollar credit for a new mattress. I wasn’t willing to waste time and fight with them, so decided to move on.
After a frustrating trip to the local Dept store, I decided to do a little research found this site.
We wanted a mattress that had some spring but still the pressure point relief and comfort of memory foam. The hybrid type mattress seemed like a good fit for us, and after pricing several hybrid options figured save some cash and try the Luma Hybrid.
Four weeks later we love the bed. Best way I can describe it…the innersprings push the latex topper up forming a great fell of support but gives where necessary. The mattress doesn’t have that dead, sleeping on a sponge feeling that our Tempur did. While you get some initial bounce from the springs its quickly dampened by the latex topper. I think its a great combination. Edge support is better than the Tempur but its not your fathers innerspring. No odor from the mattress, just smelled new but not an off gassing issue. The pillows that come with it are packed right out of the curing oven so they do have a strong odor, but its in the paper work to let them air out. We put them outside for a few days and they’re fine. Lets face it, people have sex and that Tempur was a workout, this mattress is much better but your experience might differ :wink:
I would be happy to answer any questions. I wasn’t asked to post this and I’m just a normal dad trying to get some sleep. Also, I’m not trying to slam TepurPedic just giving my honest experience.

Hi Sir Charles,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum!

And congratulations on your new Luma Sleep mattress! :cheer: You certainly chose something using good quality and durable materials.

I’m happy that you’re sleeping well and I appreciate you taking the time to write a detailed analysis of your shopping process and results so far with your hybrid mattress. I’m sorry that your Tempurpedic didn’t work out for you as well as you had hoped (and I don’t think you were “slamming” them at all), but it seems that you enjoy the more buoyant feel of latex versus memory foam.

I hope you’ll be able to report back with future updates on your mattress.


So I thought I would give an update. 1 1/2 years since my initial review of our LUMA bed and it sleeps exactly like it did new. We both love this bed and really miss it when we’re not at home. No issues whatsoever.

Hi SirCharles,

Welcome back to the forum :). Thank you for taking the time to provide a 1.5 year Luma Sleep mattress update here on the Mattress Forum!

LumaSleep is one of our trusted members, and their hybrid systems continue to get very good feedback from consumers. It is very helpful when consumers return here to share an update of sleeping on a mattress 1.5 years down the road. Typically this is the general time frame when mediocre mattresses using less durable materials start to break down. IMO a review 30 days after initial purchase does not have the same authority as your 1.5 years after input and follow-up review. Well done!

Thanks again and I look forward to any future updates you might have.