Luma sleep mattress feedback

Hello, I am looking for feedback regarding Luna sleep mattress from long term owners, hopefully more than a year, vis a vis sagging, depressions and customer service. I understand that comfort is different for everyone.

They have a couple inconsistencies on their website. Pix attached. They show two different adjustable foundations { solid and slat} & in their description of what’s included they don’t mention pillows but in their diagram it has pillows included. I’m just wondering about their attention to details ….

I asked luma if I can substitute latex for their “NRG and other foams” in the hybrid sleep system. They said no. However here’s some info they sent me ~

Thanks for reaching out to Luma!
Slumber Systems include 2 Pillows and a mattress protector.
Our pillowtop height is based on the level of latex in the pillowtop, yes, it is 3" of Latex plus the cover.
We cannot customize the product. A version of the HSS with 2" of latex in place of the 2" of HD NRG foam will be coming out next month if you can wait.

Thanks for considering Luma Sleep!
1" of 100% natural Dunlop latex will be used under the coils. 2" of 100% Natural Dunlop latex will be on top of the coils. Choice of Talalay or Dunlop latex for the 2" pillowtop.
4 inches of latex in total.

Our prices are not negotiable as they are very competitive with the sale and discount code. You can save $100 if you forgo the pillows and protector.