Luna - WTF is this crap?

Ask yourself: are our devices truly getting smarter or are we just getting dumber? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi idlewild,

I’m not always sure what to think of some of the newer technology that is quickly becoming available. There is a part of me that is fascinated and can see some legitimate benefits for some of it and there is part of me that keeps asking “do I really need this?”.

I’m also curious why someone in San Francisco would pay $3900 for “drone delivery” or why someone would pay $4900 to buy the collectors edition with their image on the cover.

In some ways looking to technology to tell you how well you are sleeping seems something like checking your facebook page to tell you whether you have any friends :slight_smile:

Smart houses, smart phones, smart cars, smart mattress covers, and other smart devices are becoming endemic and if you add some of this to some of the legitimate concerns about the development of artificial intelligence then there really may be some reasons for concern.

Thanks for the link.