Lux Living Memory Foam Lux Gel Contour PIllow Help

So wife and I bought 2 of the Lux Living Memory Foam Lux Gel Contour PIllow. I can’t find them on the Mattress Firm site but it looks like this
So she loves hers and I’ve laid on it and it’s great. The problem is with mine. It’s much harder/firmer than hers. You can feel it as soon as you lay on it, or just be squeezing it. It hurts my neck when I sleep on it. (on a memory foam bed as well). The only way I can sleep on it is to sleep on my side and that helps some but I’ve taken to sleeping back on our old down pillow.

I was wondering if there’s anything I can do to soften up the pillow? It’s been over a month since we bought it so I know it’s not just normal break in. I have it upstairs under an upside down end table with a large baby car seat sitting on top of that with a small stereo in that and it’s still not squashed.

Thanks, I love the forum, really helped me a lot to get a great deal on a great mattress at our local mattress shop.

Hi Viper Daimao.

The only Lux Living pillow I see on the Mattress Firm site is here and while it isn’t the contour version I would imagine the materials are the same.

The gel that is used as the top layer is very thermally conductive (like a marble countertop) and is there to help with temperature but it is also quite firm and could also be affecting the amount of heat that reaches the memory foam which would firm up the memory foam as well. While the gel itself isn’t likely to soften … the memory foam will.

I have no explanation for why yours may be firmer than your wife’s (unless they are different pillows and yours uses firmer memory foam) but the only two ways I know that would soften the memory foam would be increasing the temperature (memory foam gets softer when it warms up) or time (it will gradually become softer over time). You could also try walking or crawling (with your knees) on it for a few minutes each night for a while to speed up the time it takes to soften.

If you offer her some incentive … maybe your wife will switch pillows :slight_smile: