Hello Everyone

I am thing about buying a Mattress the 15" Carrington or the 14" Wellington Royale From luxe-pedic link below Is this a good quality Mattress. Does anyone own a Mattress from this company? Phoenix could you add any info about this company and there mattress, if not could you possibly review this company? Any info would be helpful


Hi bum back,

I think post #9 here should be helpful.

Overall … I think they seem like one of the better quality and value online options.

Of course good quality and value (which both of these choices have) has little to do with the suitability of a mattress for your particular needs and preferences and for this you would be dependent on the knowledge and experience of the people that were helping you make your choices on the phone. My only “concern” would be the suitability of a memory foam layer that thick if you spend a lot of time or your back or your stomach.