Luxerion but come with a 13" encasement for future proofing adjustments

I’m fairly close to purchasing, but I’d like to know whether or not I could get it with a 13" encasement? I’d like to have the extra room in case for future proofing some flexibility. As I already need a wooden foundation for the mattress anyway, I would use/build/buy a 3" wooden foundation or bunky board with the same dimensions regarding spacing as the 5.5" or 8" wooden foundation, but place it inside the encasement under all the latex layers to fill out the 13". But I would have option in the future to either add a topper or a split firmness comfort/support layer when I’m married.

By the way, I’m 6’3", 210lbs, mostly slide sleeper with some back. I have a history of, and likely will continue to have in the future, severe illnesses/mobility issue where I have to spend an inordinate of time in bed, 16 hrs or more.

Hi latexmattressbuyer10 and thanks for the inquiry and welcome to the forums! I hope you’re having a great Labor Day Weekend! I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we’re not doing any customizations on the Luxerion right now, so my advice would be to buy three 3" layers of latex from our topper pages, and then get a 13" cover from our cover page (it’s listed as a 12" cover but it finishes at 13" thick because of the inch of wool in the cover.

Based on the information you’ve provided, I would normally recommend 3" of medium Talalay over 3" of medium Dunlop over 3" of firm Dunlop for the latex layers. The top Talalay layer should provide all the contour and pressure relief needed to avoid any pressure point issues and will add secondary support to the mattress. Secondary support is needed to fill in the gaps between your body and the mattress – back sleepers normally need secondary support to fill in the gaps between the small of their back and the mattress; side sleepers normally need secondary support to fill in the gaps between their mid-section and the mattress. If these parts of a person’s body aren’t supported by the mattress, their muscles will work throughout the night to hold these parts of the body up, and by the time they wake up they’ve got back pain. So the top 3" of Talalay latex will provide contour, pressure relief, and secondary support. The remaining Dunlop layers should provide all the support needed to maintain proper spinal alignment and avoid back pain.