M24/7 and Dreamfoam Latex layers are here, but what did we receive??

We finally received our three latex layers and I have some concerns. We purchased, in all Talalay:

2" 24 IDL (from Dreamfoam Bedding)
3" 32 IDL (from Dreamfoam Bedding)
3" “Firm” (from Mattresses 24/7 on ebay and advertised as 38-40 IDL)

First of all, the apparent quality of all of the layers are great—even the one from mattresses 24/7. Both orders were placed at the same time and the mattresses 24/7 arrived in 3 days and the Dreamfoam Bedding order arrived in 4—both of which were very quick considering free shipping of such heavy items. Both were also packed well. All layers appeared “fresh” and had zero little crumbs or marbles (unlike the display unit at the Savvy Rest showroom).

I did notice an immediate difference in surface and compression feel between the two sources though. Through my very scientific, but repeated testing, the 3" “Firm” from mattresses 24/7 (remember, advertised as 38-40 IDL) has a much, much softer compression feel than the 3" 32 IDL from DB.

I also noticed a much different surface texture between the two sources and can be seen in the pictures below. The DB latex has a more foam appearance with a pinhole-covered surface texture, much like an old egg-crate mattress pad, while the M24/7 latex was very smooth finish without these pinholes and had an elastic rubbery feel to it. The DB latex has a manufacturing label on it from Latex International listing the actual IDL’s, mold #'s, etc while the M24/7 just had a “firm” decal.

When I setup the bed, I tried it in two configurations, (with bottom/middle/top):

32/“Firm”/24 – I just had to try this one first because it made the most logical sense based on the firmnesses delta I could clearly feel with my hand. This setup was the softer of the two with the hip having a slight sinking feeling, but this was also done without any sheets on the layers and I did notice the bed firm up a hair once we did add sheets, so this may end up being fine.

“Firm”/32/24 – Our slogan at work is “trust the data,” so I setup the layers as I originally intended and as the firmnesses would have normally warranted. This was by far the firmer of the two and what we slept on the last two nights. Neither one of us slept all that well and both woke up a little sore the first night but slept much better the second. Our bodies may just not be used to being in proper alignment yet though, so we’ll keep at it for a few weeks.

My concern though is what kind of latex did I receive and why would the “Firm” (38-40 IDL) layer be noticeably softer than the 32 IDL?? Did I even receive Talalay latex or did one send Dunlop? Can anyone tell from the pictures? PS, the stretch cotton mattress cover and bed frame are on their way.

Pictures below are as follows:
“Firm” from Mattresses 24/7

32 IDL from Dreamfoam Bedding

24 IDL label from DB

32 IDL label from DB

“Firm” Label from Mattresses 24/7

Hi fwjeff,

Thanks for the report and your feedback (and the pictures) :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “M24/7 latex was very smooth finish without these pinholes” because the pictures show pincores in both layers. The surface texture of latex can also vary depending on where it was cut from in the core. There will also be some differences between Talalay made by different manufacturers (and between natural and blended as well).

As far as I’m aware, mattresses 24/7 only sells Talalay but they are “seconds” which for various reasons the original source chose not to use in their own mattresses (NOTE ADDED: they now only sell new layers). The pictures you attached look consistent with Talalay but it’s hard to tell for certain. A picture of the pincores from the side may help. The layers you received from Dreamfoam still have the LI label on them so you know for sure these are Talalay.

Have you called them with your questions and to ask about the firmness? While it can be difficult to tell ILD without an actual measurement, you’re sleeping experience and hand testing certainly seems to indicate that it’s softer and it’s possible that you received a layer that was somehow softer than its label.


The holes I was referring to are not the large 1/4" holes from the molding process, but the needle/pen head sized holes on the very surface of the foam itself. Looking at the pictures, you can clearly see the difference in surface texture between the M24/7 and DF latex. The pictures are as close as my DSLR would get in macro mode, but the DF latex slabs both have a rough surface while the M24/7 is much smoother. The pictures I took are consistent with the rest of the latex pieces.

I have not tried calling them yet until I got some feedback on here. The ordeal over the cotton cover was fun enough that if I do have problem I need to ensure it’s legitimate before I pursue anything.

If I could do it again I would have waited to order all the pieces from DF, but they were out of 40 IDL that I wanted for the bottom layer.


Hi dfwjeff,

OK … that makes sense. These kind of surface differences can come from which part of the core the layer was cut from (the outsides have a kind of “skin” on them), possibly on differences between different manufacturers (although in this case they are probably from the same manufacturer), and from quality control differences from the same manufacturer.