Made all the mistakes and found this forum a little late. Can it be salvaged?

So here’s my situation, I am 45 and over 250lbs, I have a bad back and fibromyalgia/arthritis. I live in Canada. I went to Sleep Country Canada and bought a Sealy optimum Gleam medium firm double mattress for way too much money. I’m finding it fine for pressure point relief but it’s way too soft. Brand new and too soft, causing me fierce lower back pain. Obviously it’s not going to get better but only worse.

Now, they have a 100 night sleep guarantee where I can swap to a different mattress ONCE. If it’s less expensive they refund me some money and if it’s more expensive I have to pay the difference. It would be my preference to save some money, I jumped impulsively and got burned.
Now that I found this forum I realize all the stuff I SHOULD have done.

So having said all that, I think I need a firmer mattress, the medium firm doesn’t cut it. Unfortunately I can only get a mattress from Sleep Country Canada. This is MY mistake. In the future, I will come here FIRST! They have limited choices and once I swap, that’s it. I am stuck with whatever I get. I am really scared I’ll end up with a mattress that’s makes me worse off. I am on disability and it took me years and years to save up this money. I have used the same old mattress for 15 years, it was flippable. None of the ones here in the store seem two-sided so I am stuck there.
I don’t know what I should go with to try and lay on in the store. Which mattresses are even any good? Any of them? None seem to have anything that the forums here say they should have like the thickness of the mattress for an obese individual, durability and materials.
Here’s the link to my options for a firm double mattress from them:

I would really appreciate any guidance on this matter, thank you so much.

Hi Fezdani.

Welcome to our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

Sorry you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Unfortunately, I can’t really say which of these mattresses is a “good” one since I couldn’t find any specifications with regards to density. That said, I think what I’d recommend here is to go firmer. Why, you might ask? Because it’s MUCH easier to soften a too-firm mattress with a topper than it is to firm up a too-soft mattress.

You might find this article on mattress testing useful in determining a good fit. Our Mattress Shopping Tutorial is also a handy tool to help you choose a better fit.

Hopefully this helps you pick a better fit!