Made an impulse buy... Good deal?

I had been researching latex mattresses for a while now. Tonight my wife and I went to the store to check out some new mattresses. Rather than a latex mattress, I ended up buying a memory foam mattress. Here’s my question:

Did I make a wise decision? I bought a Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme California king with foundation for $2500 delivered to my door. It seemed like a good deal.

Hi Gahngoo,

I think a mattress is one of the most important purchases you can make and will have a bigger effect on your overall well being for the next decade or so than almost any other purchase you will make. Because of this … I don’t think an impulse buy is ever a good idea for a mattress.

If the mattress is suitable for your specific needs and preferences … then at least it can provide you with the quality of sleep that is important. If it doesn’t … then no price (either ultra cheap or very expensive) is worth it.

How good a deal the Cloud Supreme is depends on what you compare it to. Compared to the regular price of the same mattress … and assuming it is new and purchased from an authorized Tempurpedic dealer with a warranty … the price you paid is certainly less than usual and from this perspective would be a good deal.

Compared to other manufacturers that use similar quality materials and layering to the Cloud Supreme that sell for much less than you paid … then I wouldn’t consider it a good deal no.

If you are happy with it and it is suitable for your body type, sleeping positions, and personal preferences over the long term then the extra that you paid compared to similar mattresses wouldn’t be as important … but of course this doesn’t change that you paid more than you needed to for the type of mattress you purchased. With the reduced price you paid it just makes a Tempurpedic a little less overpriced IMO.


It has full warranty and will be delivered in a week. I guess I could cancel. It felt really comfortable and I tried out about 10 or so different makes/models before I decided on that one. What other brand/model would be a better deal? I was going to buy a 10000 model Sleep EZ latex, but came across the Tempurpedic…

Hi Gahngoo,

The brand or model of a mattress is not as important as the materials that are in it. All manufacturers have access to similar materials and the quality of the materials and components compared to other mattresses and of course any differences in price is what determines it’s relative value.

The suitability of a mattress for any particular person is a completely different story however. This is where the combination of your needs (see this article) and your preferences (see post #46 here) or what I call PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) is what makes each mattress suitable for one person but not another.

The goal is always to find a mattress which best matches your body type, sleeping positions, and the preferences that are most important to you that uses the best possible quality of materials that are available in your budget range.

Post #1 here has a step by step process that can greatly improve your odds of finding the most suitable mattress with the best possible quality and value. This is a much more effective way of finding a mattress than any brand or model recommendation. The only brand recommendations I usually make (see the first guideline here) are to avoid the larger brands which consistently use lower quality materials and/or sell for higher prices and to focus more on smaller independent or local brands (sometimes called “off brands”) which are generally the source of much better quality and value.

If you are interested in searching further … then who you buy from can be even more important than the mattress that you buy. If you let me know the city or zip you live in I’d be happy to let you know about the better options or possibilities in your area that I’m aware of.

Some of the best online choices are listed in post #21 here.

The “best deal” is the one that best matches what you need and prefer at the best possible price available either locally (which is the least risky way to buy a mattress) or online (which is a little more risky because you can’t test the mattress first but the knowledge and experience of the merchant and the options they have available can help reduce this risk).

Focusing on “the deal” is not the wisest way to go IMO. I would first focus on the layering, materials, and construction that is what you want and need and on the quality of the materials in the mattress. After this … final “value comparisons” are the last step and by this time all your final choices would be choices between “good and good”.

SleepEz (latex) and Tempurpedic (memory foam) are really apples to oranges comparisons and are very different materials but any mattress made by SleepEz has significantly better value than any Tempurpedic. The choice between them though (besides value) first step would depend on finding out with local testing which type of material you preferred (latex vs memory foam comfort layers and latex vs polyfoam support layers).