Made my Decision!!

After doing a lot of research here on this site and others and testing in stores; I have finally made my decision. I have ordered the 8 inch mattress special from SleepEz. Sean was very helpful., even convincing me that the 8 inch special would be thick enough for me, even though I was thinking of getting the more expensive 10000 series. I appreciate him not upselling me more than I needed. I split the mattress, going with Sean’s recommendations. My side, (225lbs stomach, side sleeper) xfirm, firm. Her side(130lbs, side sleeper) firm, medium. One solid soft top over the whole mattress. Foundation layers are dunlop, top comfort layer is natural talalay. It has the unquilted cotton cover, which I think I will allow me to better feel the effects of the latex. A bit worried that the xfirm layer in dunlop may be too much, but I guess I can switch layers around and find what is right for me. Tomorrow, I order the Reverie Deluxe adjustable foundation. I think this will make a great sleep system! Thanks to Phoenix, and the numerous other posts that helped greatly in figuring out this maze of info. I will post my impressions after I get a few nights in!!

Hi Vektro,

Congratulations on your new mattress!

I think you made a good choice and I’m looking forward to hearing your report when you’ve had a chance to sleep on it for a while.

FWIW … the lower layer has the least effect on the overall feel of the mattress and it would be slightly more supportive than the firm.

As you probably know … I also like (and own) the Reverie Deluxe and while it was a “luxury” in my case … it’s still a luxury that I enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback


Hi vektro! I think you made a GREAT choice! I recently ordered the 8 inch special and I love it. I reallly like the unquilted cotton cover. Have you seen a picture of it? It looks much nicer than what they show on their website.

Just FYI I have tried a few different combinations, and am using soft/firm/x-firm right now and it is very comfortable. I am going to try soft/medium/firm and think I will make my final decision between one of those two. I am 5’10, 145 pounds, mostly back sleeper.

You will be very happy with your experience with SleepEZ, I’m sure of it.


Now that you have had your mattress for a while, I was wondering if you had any feedback. I am considering either the inch special from Sleepez or the 9" Ultra Plush adjustable from Arizona Premium. I’m leaning towards Sleepez because of the better/cheaper return policy.

Thanks for your input,