Made to order latex mattress in SF Bay Area?

I’m 5’7 155lbs and coming from a Sealy pillow top conventional spring mattress that is giving me lower back problems just about every day. Lots of tossing and turning too where I wake up in the oddest positions. I do like the soft cushy feeling when you first get on the bed but it definitely isn’t supporting well enough below the pillow top comfort layer.

What I’m looking for is a latex mattress with medium to medium soft comfort layer on top with firmer latex below for the support. Just for kicks I went to the local big mattress stores and Macy’s. No intention to buy their products but just to get a feel for what I want. I found that the iComfort Prodigy stuck out to me whenever I was testing. Here are the stats on that bed:

Comfort - Padding Layers

2" KoolComfort Memory Foam
1" Comfort Foam
1" Cool Reaction Slow Recovery Latex
2 3/4" CoolAction Gel Memory Foam

Correct Back Support System

6" ComfortLast Support Core
Ultimate Edge

So began my process of finding a non name brand bed that is similar to that type of setup. Doesn’t have to mirror it at all but I definitely want that initial medium to medium soft initial feel with the noticeable support layer firmness feel. Can be pre-made, mail order … doesn’t matter really.

So far I know of Foam Order in SF. I’ll be stopping by there later today to have a look at their products. They look to also make custom ordered latex mattresses? Any other suggestions that would be worthwhile for me?

I’ve also looked into made to order sites online. I would definitely want something that has a trial period and free return process though. Any reputable sites that you recommend?

Amazon’s DreamFoam looks interesting also. I’ve read on the site about them in a few threads and this seems to be the right one for me with made to order specs: [url=][/url]

Decisions decisions!

Hi dbizzle22,

I apologize for taking so long to reply to this. I somehow skipped right over your post.

The San Francisco area has some very good options available and the better ones I’m aware of are listed in post #2 here.