i stumbled across this manufacturer after doing some digging on pet bed manufacturer selling on amazon. their prices are INSANE ($6,847 for a queen) and they don’t offer many construction/materials information on the web site. i didn’t attempt to contact them (because they’re in california, i’m in michigan, and i already have a local source for my mattress) so i don’t know if they are legit or shady. but i thought i’d share in case anyone knows something about them or lives in the inland empire and needs a crazy expensive mattress.

Hi robb,

Insane is right … and it’s interesting that they are not the only source for the same materials. I have no idea how the prices are justified … even if they are fake and just listed to make “sale prices” look good. is the same as which is their wholesale site and there are also other sources of “confourm” memory foam as well including … (with embedded crystals if you are so inclined)

I have no idea why they are listing the prices they are on the Magicpedic site but I sure wouldn’t pay that much for them :slight_smile:

I have talked with Jeff who owns Sleepaidfactory / Healco / A1mattress a long time ago and I believe he is connected to as well so I’ll have to call him again when I have the chance to see if he can shed any light on why they are listing the prices they are.


amusingly their pet bed prices are within the realm of reason. $135 for a 40" x 30" GOLS-certified pet bed is a premium over other high end pet beds using whatever unknown foam they don’t specify, but it’s not crazy considering they can cost up to $100.

my other digging on back support systems showed jeff kalatsky as the president of back support systems. that must be the same person. all the information on who/where seems to corroborate across different sites. it’s just weird that all the legit information is hidden and takes digging, but the front site is kind of sketchy.

Robb - you are right. The beds this company makes for people and the Back Support Systems are a joke!. I found the same when I looked at them closely:

This scam artist owes me thousands of dollars and has multiple law suits against him. His last bank BBVA forced him to close ALL of his accounts… at least (4) of them due to the massive amounts of defaulted and bad checks.

For God’s sake just Google the name Jeff Kalatsky to see what I mean. This guy is a total criminal in my opinion. He should be in jail.