"Major" Brands Sealy Optimum?

Hi cmarie24,

Post #10 here can help you with a step by step process of shopping for a mattress that can lead to “your” best mattress in terms of performance, quality, and value.

The most important first step you can make is to connect with the better local manufacturers or sleep shops that have the knowledge and experience to help you make your best choices and carry a range of good quality and value mattresses. Even if they are a bit of a drive away … they can save you a great deal of time and research and change mattress shopping from an exercise in frustration and not knowing who to believe into a pleasure.

The local manufacturers and some of the better possibilities that are closest to you are in post #2 here.

A little further away …

Post #143 here is centered on the Tampa area

Post #2 here is centered on the Orlando area

I took a quick look locally and there doesn’t appear to be many options in your back yard. I wouldn’t visit Badcock or Ashley and the other local outlets either don’t have a website of don’t list what they carry. It may be worth a quick call to check what brands they carry and if you post them here I can let you know if they may be worth including in your research.