Major price increases coming April 1st on latex

Both Latex International and Latexco notified me of a significant price increase of approx. 18% coming April 1st. Anyone interested in ordering should do so ASAP.

And so soon after prices have already increased as well. While I think latex would still be a great value at much higher prices, it’s never good news to hear it’s going up. I guess it’s a good time to buy a latex mattress for those who are leaning that way. Thanks for letting us know.


I am interested in purchasing a latex 2 -3 inches full-size topper sometimes soon. Could you give me an update and let me know if the prices have increased. If yes, do you have stock at the older price? What would be your shipping to Wa for that? Do you have mattress encasement layers available?

I too have heard of latex prices going up. Its not long now before we probably start to see some changes at a retail level. The market is very competitive and I believe that manufacturers will not change their price until they begin to re-order more stock from latex suppliers.

Latex International sent a letter out yesterday about a latex surcharge that will apply to all shipments after June 1st. According to the letter natural latex cost have went up 31% and SBR (synthetic latex) 21% since February. They will set the surcharge amount on May 29th. The example they give is $.25 per pound. To give you a idea a 1" piece of latex is roughly 10 pounds queen size depending on ILD, less for soft, more for firm. This surcharge will be recalculated every month depending on the cost of raw material.

That’s certainly not great news for those of us who love latex or for those who are considering purchasing a latex mattress. While I still believe that latex is great value, there’s no doubt that the raw material cost has been on an upward spiral recently.

It will sure be interesting to see if some of the alternative sources of latex become commercially viable as that may help reduce the dependency on the rubber tree for NR and help reduce the cost.

Thanks for letting us know


Hello Shadow1212,

you have asked a great question.
I represent Parklane Mattresses and we use a lot of Natural Talalay Latex in our products, so I am very familiar with the layering process. From the information provided, I would recommend you have a firm Dunlop layer on the bottom, a medium layer of Dunlop in the middle and a soft layer of Talalay on the top. This combination will provide the support you need for your disc problems, and the comfort you will need for your shoulders and hips (we call those pressure points). If you have any additional questions, this is the place to ask.
Debbie Lewis
Parklane Mattresses