Making a really light comforter with loft for extremely hot sleepers

I am a really hot sleeper in Miami, I tried the down alternative hotel collection all season comforter it was ridiculously hot. I had a down comforter that was lighter but still too hot and the feathers everywhere was out of control. I was thinking of getting a comforter cover (whats the most breathable? cotton bamboo etc?) and stuffing it with maybe a light blanket? I really like the loft of comforters but its too hot for me, whats my best option to still get the loft and softness of a down comforters but not so freakin hot.

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You can read about the different factors that can combine together to affect sleeping temperature in post #2 here including the mattress protector or sheets you may be using.

Wool is among the most effective temperature regulating materials so it may be well worth considering a wool protector, mattress pad, or if you like the “feel” of thicker layers of wool then even a thicker wool topper.

Of course this is about the layers that are under you. Cotton and Bamboo are both very breathable (I would probably give the edge to bamboo but it will depend on the specifics of the fabric). Fill power and the amount of down and feathers in a comforter will also make a difference along with the temperature in your bedroom so it may be a matter of adjusting the temperature or using a lower fill power or less material (different season) in the comforter. There are some guidelines here and more here for down comforters that may be helpful to get a sense of what may work for you and some guidelines here for down alternative comforters as well.

It may also be worthwhile considering a temperature regulating comforter like this or like this that uses outlast in the fabric which is a phase change material that can also help regulate temperature.


I don’t know if I can comment, being Canadian and all :wink:

I typically slept warm, and the things I did (which somewhat over compensated) were

  • linen (flax) beddings (note, I often advise people to research and feel them first - they’re not for everybody, and a premium price)
  • natural materials bed surface (latex for me)
  • currently using a wool duvet with cotton cover

I am kind of shopping for a new duvet/comforter myself… High quality down duvet has been recommended to me, although I have no idea if that’s true of Florida too :wink: Among other important factors are getting quality down (e.g. White goose down, 700+ fill) and a quality duvet shell, both in material and design/construction (e.g, high quality down proof cotton and look for “sealed baffle box” design), both have proven to be a bit tricky to evaluate. That said, they say avoid stich through designs because they leak warmth which might be advantageous for you, so advice for you might be different than advice for me. Get the right warmth rating (you probably need a light or ultralight, and not winter level, for example). There are other members of this site far more qualified to comment and are experts on down duvets than me (who have been among my primary sources of info). I do know, however, that a lesser quality duvet and synthetics can actually cause you to sleep warmer.

I think that loft and insulation goes hand in hand. It will be hard to find a cool comforter. Wool may be a possibility, but it will be heavier.

For those looking for a warmer comforter, this article may be a good resource:

The Sweethome: the Best Comforter (So Far)