Malta Mattress Shopping

Hi everyone, I am a first time mattress buyer and from the looks of it also the first Maltese to post on this forum.

I will be visiting dedicated mattress/bed shops around Malta following the articles posted on this site. What I did first was send an email with some questions taken from the site - there have been some who replied with actual numbers which I can use for the durability test part which is good news for when it comes to asking for the full specifications. I’ll post every time I visit a shop with the recommendations. It would be really appreciated if I could bounce the mattress the sellers recommend with other users of the site for their opinion on the materials and what not.

As for background, I am male 97kg 180cm broad shoulder, combination~side sleeper and sweats easily (high body temperature) - is there any other info which I should be aware of and consider?

The list is the following (in no particular order, is not a sales pitch and is taken from Yellowpages)

  • Bonds - supplies Materassi & Materassi

  • [li]Wellbeing Bedding - supplies Wellbeing, Dorsal and Ergogreen
    [li]Eurotex Enterprises - supplies Dormeo
    [li]Boris Arcidiacono - supplies Tempur and Auping
    [li]Mattress Collection
    [li]Royalty Bedding - supplies Royalty, Starline and Permaflex
    [li]Omajco Bedding

  • There are others but this list should be enough.

    Thanks and I hope this will be helpful for others!

Hi mell0026,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

Yes, I believe you are the first Maltese to post here on the Mattress Forum!

Feel free to post back with any questions you may have. As I think you’re already aware, the information you need to know about a mattress can be found here, and you can compare that to the durability guidelines listed here.


Hi Phoenix - thank you for having me!

I will hold off for a couple of days until I get the full specs from the first 2 bed shops I visited and make a full post rather than half-info ones. :slight_smile:


So my first visit was to Bonds and they showed me two mattresses by Materassi & Materassi which are:

[li]Watermemory 2.0 - Height 25cm
[li]Thermogreen - Height 21cm

[size=3]Watermemory 2.0
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Layering (top to bottom)

[li] viscose fabric lining
[li] Outlast fabric
[li] memory foam
[li] cotton tarpaulin
[li] Medical Form Sheet 6cm
[li] Elioform 14cm
[li] 3D Band

Layering (top to bottom)

[li] viscose fabric lining
[li] absorbent fiber padding
[li] cotton jersey 100% lining
[li] memory foam from vegetable oils + aloe vera
[li] Elioform layer
[li] Thermoplus 2 way stretch lining
[li] breathable 3D layer

Unfortunately though the salesperson could not provide the following complete specs:

  • [li]the type (this is partly answered) and thickness of all the layers in each mattress
    [li]the density of the memory foam and elioform layers in lbs per cu. ft or in metric kg per cubic metre
    [li]the density of any foam edge support
    [li]the type or blend of fabric and any quilting materials used in the cover

Hi mell0026,

I’m sorry that the retailer wasn’t able to provide for you complete specifications of the type, thickness and density of all of the foams of the mattresses you were considering. As you’re already aware, I would advise caution and avoid any mattress where you didn’t have such information.

Maybe you’ll have better luck on your next shopping trip!


Hi Phoenix,

Yes sadly…it seems the trend is that when I ask them for the numbers, it is viewed as being a taboo? Anyhow, the next is the Mattress Collection.

I was shown 3 mattresses - with a comfort layer of 5, 7, 10 cm respectively. The foams used are designed for Malta’s humid climate. Medium density foam is used for heat to not be trapped. The density is 55-60kg per cubic metre for the memory foam layer and 25-35kg per cubic metre for support foam layer. Support foam length is at least 4 inches. Materials used are cotton and polyester.

The 7 felt the comfiest and easiest to re-position on.

5 Mattress C1 Collection - medium firm
The 5 C1 Collection [ol]
[li] Top layer 5 cm aloe vera oil based memory foam [/li]
[li] Support layer 15 cm HD water based support foam
[li] Protection layer 3D band

7 Mattress C1 Collection - medium
The 7 C1 Collection [ol]
[li] Top layer 7 cm natural visco elastic memory foam [/li]
[li] Support 13cm HD water based support foam
[li] Protection layer 3D band

10 Mattress C1 Collection - soft
The 10 C1 Collection [ol]
[li] Top layer 10 cm natural memory foam [/li]
[li] Support 10 cm HD water based support foam
[li] Protection layer 3D band

On all there is a fiber mesh which is put under the bed for airflow.

Hi mell0026,

This would be 3.5-3.7 lb density for the memory foam, which is below the 4 lb that I normally recommend. The polyfoam you listed would be in the 1.55 – 2.18 lb range, which could be a good quality materials, and also depends upon the location of the foam itself within the mattress.

Unfortunately, I can’t be of much assistance or offer any educated advice about these posts if all you’re provided are the order of the layers without thicknesses and the densities of the specific layers.


Hi Phoenix,
I understand :frowning: , the next should be of help.
Wellbeing Bedding - Dorsal. Was recommended the Elixir 5000 mattress.
Dorsal Elisir 5000 Mattress (seems like it doesn’t work on chrome but it worked with microsoft edge)

I asked for the full specs and the following was provided

  • Upper 5cm di Natur Memory Gel ** Density 68D e 50D
  • Shoulder and Calf areas 5cm Mousse / length 47,5cm ** Density 40D
  • Central lumbar support 5cm / length 69cm ** Density 60D
  • Bottom supportive foam Duocell 11cm height ** 50D

The foam age support is 35D.

The quilting has a 50% cotton blend (+ polyester and polyamide at the back) and a 500gr of hypoallergenic cotton with zeolites filling for the quilting.

Hi mell0026,

If this is a memory foam, it would be approximately 3 lb, which is a lower quality than I would recommend.

This would be about a 2.5 lb density. It’s not clear if this is a polyfoam or a memory foam. If it is a polyfoam, it would most likely be one of the newer generations of high performance polyfoams that tend to be durable materials.

This would be about a 3.7 lb density, but there is no indication what type of foam this is.

I’m assuming this would be a polyfoam, at approximately a 3 lb density.

This would be a little over 2 lb in density.


Hi Phoenix,
Last few days were a bit hectic but still managed to find time to visit another. So this time it was OSS and they offer latex mattresses done with Dunlop method.
Honestly when I went on them the first time I noticed that unlike memory foam you don’t “sink in” - it also felt like the material felt lighter. I tried two mattresses basically:

  • latex duo mattress 20cm C4 Firm total weight max 110kg
  • latex cloud mattress 22cm C4 Firm total weight max 130kg

The only difference between the two is that the first has a soft latex topper on either side which is 3cm high whilst the second is 4cm on either (the second I prefer). It is a very basic set up - probably the most basic of all which I have visited as of yet and not that expensive. I may actually go for this as I really liked the way they feel. The trivial thing is that the fact that it’s basic as against all the other fancy info from the other sellers makes me feel falsely concerned.

Hi mell0026,

Latex is a very dense material, but depending upon the density/hardness of the core of the latex model you selected, the product could weigh a bit less than a memory foam mattress using quite a bit of very high density memory foam.

Latex is very supportive, where memory foam has very little “support factor”, so you won’t sink into latex as much as you could tend to with memory foam, although softer latex will allow you to sink into it more than firmer latex. All memory foam will tend to be soft.

I see that you may choose different core firmnesses on these models, so you’d want to be sure to consult with your local retailer before making any final decisions. It is also nice that both of these models can be flipped.

Latex in the most durable foam comfort material you can choose in a mattress, regardless of the “hype” provide to you from other retailers regarding the other different foams used in their products. Marketing and pricing have very little to do with quality of componentry within the mattress industry. If you do decide to go with a latex product, you certainly would be choosing something that uses good quality and durable materials.