Manhattan retailers

Can you recommend a retailer in Manhattan that sells a variety of brands - especially higher end? We were about to buy the MySide bed from Sleepy’s until I read your review of it and then all the trouble people have getting Sleepy’s to honor the warranty. I read good reviews about Craig’s Beds. Please help.

I posted this on FaceBook site as well.

Hi ericsilver,

I’m glad you found us here because I try to keep everything together in the forum and my replies on the facebook page generally just ask people to re-post their questions here :slight_smile:

The better choices in the NYC area are in post #2 here. There is a wide range of different manufacturers and retailers listed and there is a more categorized list with more detailed descriptions of many of them in post #7 here.

There are some very good quality options in the list including some that are “high end”.


Check out the clean bedroom, great products in the area and very nice showroom w/ excellent service.