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Hi Phoenix,

My wife and I just got married recently, and today we finally ventured out to Macy’s to look for a new mattress. Our sales rep pointed us to the iComfort mattress and while we hadn’t thought about memory form mattresses going into it, they felt quite nice. Because I was too reluctant to actually pay over $2,500 on the spot, we decided to go back home to search for best prices nearby. While I was doing the search, I came across your site and now I feel so fortunate/lucky that I didn’t make the purchase.

So, with that said, now I’m looking to find local manufacturers in/near Los Angeles area that we can look into for our new mattress. I think we’re pretty open to different types like memory foam and latex. Let me know if you can provide some information. Thank you for this site and the information that you’re sharing with the members. It’s greatly appreciated.

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Hi youngs52,

This thread should help you find some great choices and value in the Los Angeles area.

There are also some other threads which include some valuable feedback and information from others in the Los Angeles area (particularly from a member here called MikeM) and a forum search on “los angeles” (without the quotes) would also prove valuable.

Hope this helps and feel free to post with any questions you may have along the way.

And congratulations on your marriage :slight_smile:


Thank you, Phoenix. I went to visit Custom Comfort today and will look into others throughout the upcoming week.

For all latex mattresses, is there a particular combination of layers you’d recommend based on our profile (please see below). I mostly prefer to sleep on my stomach and sides while my wife prefers to sleep on her side mostly and back sometimes.

me = about 5’8", 165 lbs
wife = about 5’3", 110 lbs

thanks again.

Hi youngs52,

The variables that work for each person are so wide ranging that a specific recommendation based on an individual height/weight and sleeping position profile can really only be a guideline to be used as a starting point for testing mattresses. Some guidelines about sleeping positions are here and some suggestions regarding weight and body profile are here.

So a very general guideline that would make a good starting point for side sleepers would be a comfort layer of about 3". A good starting point for ILD would be in the range of 19 - 24. If a thinner comfort layer is used … then a softer layer right below it can effectively increase the “effective thickness” of the comfort layer. So something typical would be either 3" of 19 - 24 ILD talalay latex over 3" of medium or low 30’s over 3" of firm or high 30’s to low 40’s ILD.

Some of the influences that could lead to adjusting the thickness or the firmness of the layers based on specific testing would be as follows …

Heavier weights would generally increase the ILD of all the layers proportionately because they will compress the layers more deeply than a person that is lighter so firmer layers will feel and act softer for them. This can play a role in both pressure relief in the comfort layers and alignment in the mattress as a whole. Lighter weights would use softer latex in the layers to get the equivalent pressure relieving cradle and support.

Larger body sizes (that usually goes along with heavier weights) will tend to do better with increasing the thickness of the comfort layers as well as the ILD while smaller body sizes (that tends to go along with lower weights) may do better with a slightly thinner and softer comfort layer.

Curvier body shapes with more “bony prominences” and deeper “recessed areas” would tend to use thicker comfort layers to “fill in” the gaps (like the waist) in the side sleeping profile. Flatter body shapes could use thinner comfort layers.

Combination sleepers will generally do best with the thinnest and firmest possible comfort layer that relieves pressure for side sleeping so that there is better alignment while sleeping on the stomach.

A final suggestion would be to test mattresses with both of you on the mattress and if your needs and preferences are different then a “side to side” split can sometimes be very beneficial so you won’t have to compromise with the layering of your mattress.

The Los Angeles list includes some great outlets and places to test mattresses that make some very good quality mattresses (such as Custom Comfort) however you will see that not all of them offer the same value and the range of prices for fairly similar mattresses can be wide. Once you have an idea of the overall construction that works for you and the time comes to make value comparisons then I would certainly make sure that you include Flexus Comfort in your research and testing.