Mattress Bigger than a Queen and Smaller than a King: Olympic Queen

I wanted to let potentially interested mattress shoppers know about my recent experience. My husband and I were in the market for a new queen mattress–but I actually wished for a wider mattress, so I impulsively ‘googled’ “mattress bigger than a queen and smaller than a king” and up came this unique mattress size: Olympic queen. It’s 6 inches wider than a queen, but can fit on a queen bed frame. Our cherry bed and headboard were queen size and matched the rest of our bedroom furniture, so we still ideally wanted to use our current bed. Reading online about the Olympic queen,I learned standard mattress manufacturers quit making this size about 10 years ago. So I looked around for a custom manufacturer and lo and behold, eventually found one about a half hour’s drive from our home! I called Buis Mattress in Holland MI and the owner said he sure could make us an Olympic Queen mattress. So we went to the store with pictures of our current bed, chose a mattress from the showroom floor, and with his advice and suggestions ended up with a wonderful innerspring Olympic queen mattress. Buis took our bed measurements and made us a custom low profile foundation and a Bunkie board-- to support the mattress edges and that fits under the mattress–all for a reasonable price. Thankfully we were cautioned about total end bed height, so we chose a mattress that wouldn’t be too high, as our current mattress was the old fashioned thinner kind. It looks wonderful on our bed frame! It took about a month total for them to make our mattress. We have been able to purchase bed linens (sheets and mattress pad) on-line without a problem that we are very happy with. Every night, I go to bed and love the extra roominess and the high quality mattress we chose.
Hope this information is helpful to anyone who wants to replace their queen mattress and can’t fit a king mattress in their room, or doesn’t want to buy a king mattress for any reason. And hopefully there is a custom mattress business nearby where you live that can offer you the same quality product and service .I highly recommend Buis Mattress in Holland, MI if anyone lives anywhere near there. Just wonder why this mattress size isn’t more popular!

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The Olympic Queen size started around 1999 with Simmons. It is 66” wide by 80” long (6" wider than a “regular” queen), and uses a “Bunkie Board’ or similar product placed on top of a traditional queen foundation to extend the width of the foundation 3” on each side to accommodate the slightly wider mattress. The Olympic Queen was discontinued by Simmons, and the few other brands who chose to make a similar sized product, generally in the early 2000’s.

As you know Buis Mattress is one of the members here which means that I think very highly of them (and Marc the owner) and I believe that they compete well with the best in the industry in terms of their quality, value, service, knowledge, and transparency.

It was a simple case of supply and demand, or as one industry insider told me, “It’s an answer to a question that no one was asking.” There were also very many complaints about the availability of sheets in the styles people preferred, and the higher costs of the sheets that they could find. The good news is that you can still have this custom size produced by some of the better, more local mattress manufacturers.

Thanks for your post and a reminder that people can still have an Olympic Queen mattress custom-made!