Mattress Buying in Oklahoma

Saw this deal today was wondering if it’s any good?

I’m in the market for a new mattress, was going to run to Oklahoma Mattress Company too maybe on Saturday since they close before I get off work and check out what they have. Any clue what their mattresses typically run? I’m wanting to spend no more than $1500 if at all possible.

Hi Hubz,

The Ivy Glen is a basic Posturepedic with 2.5" of polyfoam over the SS 14 guage (softer) innerspring. It would be comparable to the Solon here which means that since it is a set and the Solon is a mattress only (with the base available for an extra $150) then I would say that the value is good for those who are in the market for this type of mattress. The set is even less than the Mattress Firm mattress only price. If it meets your needs for pressure relief and alignment, then even if you don’t get all your preferences in terms of feel, at least it’s really cheap. It would be safe to assume that like most of the lower budget mattresses made by the majors (and most of their higher budget mattresses as well) … that it contains lower quality polyfoam.

I don’t know the prices at Oklahama Mattress for any specific model but I do know that their value is very good compared to mattresses that are an apples to apples comparison (which is why I invited them to become members of the site). I would certainly check to see if he makes any mattresses that would be comparable to the Ivy Glen but I’m not sure if he makes anything that basic. He would have some great value in the range between that and $1500 though :slight_smile: