Mattress Choice — An Editorial

Mattress Choice — An Editorial

Although I am new to this site, as anyone can see from my # of posts, by now I have read Phoenix’s handbook on mattress construction and selection along with several hundred posts by him and many others. In doing this, I have noticed an oft-repeated question, sometimes posed explicitly and sometimes expressed less directly:

How can I quickly and effortlessly make a good choice of a new mattress? I want to get this done and have it in place within …. [a short period of time.]

I have been extremely impressed with the information Phoenix has offered here, and by his rather amazingly objective stance on so many aspects of mattresses, manufacturers, and consumers. I also think he has been extremely diplomatic — but at the same time, concrete — about phrasing multiple answers to the above question, as well as in how he gently steers people away from what he sees as potential mistakes. Kudos, Phoenix!!

Because of my background, I am less inclined to be so diplomatic. I value and try to act so as to come directly to the point.

My answer to the above vital question is: YOU CANNOT!!

As @phoenix has outlined in his excellent “Five Steps to a Perfect Mattress” [in the horizontal, gray header on any page, click on “Mattresses” and then on the article title], there is no quick and easy shortcut.

You have to go out and develop for yourself some expertise in what is available and what works for you. No one can substitute either general knowledge or their own personal experience for what only you must subjectively judge.

I offer this pinion, knowing full-well the pull of wanting a quick and easy path. That is why I was Googling and came upon this site in the first place [I wanted to get my new mattress by this weekend.] But I am persuaded that there is no substitute for each of us developing the personal data base of what mattresses feel like to us and which ones do a better job of solving our weight/density and sleeping position issues.

I hope I do not offend anyone, but some of us [including myself] seem at least at the beginning of our search to be looking for a shortcut that truly does not exist.

Phoenix, if you think I have overstepped any boundaries in posting this opinion, I will respectfully accept you deleting it!

Hi 70sleeper,

Delete it? … I think I should frame it :slight_smile:

I’ve linked it in the tutorial post as well.

Thanks for a great post!



70 sleeper I have come searching for this post in my time of weakness to save myself from making a hasty purchase. I have been diligently reading this excellent TMU website for two months. I have started The Five Steps to Buying The Perfect Mattress process. And now I feel overwhelmed with the desire for a shortcut. I feel like I have done enough. Then I remembered seeing a reference to a “there are no shortcuts” forum post. And I have come in search for it. Thank you TMU for this unique and generous website and thank you 70sleeper for the insight that some may be tempted to take the lazy way out.

Hey SyllieC,

Welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Thanks too for your kind words on the site, SyllieC. I really dig that you’ve referenced @70sleeper’s epic salute to Phoenix’s work, “Mattress Choice: An Editorial”. These words of wisdom still hold as true today as they did those years ago. Hang in there, SyllieC; you may have much work ahead of you yet as you map out your mattress shopping journey, but you have friends here to help. Good luck and let us know how things go :wink: