mattress choice comparison - update on Evo post

don’t know how to reply to your response so am sending as new topic. am still unsure of best mattress for me. while designing one’s own mattress layer by layer makes a great deal of sense it’s not something I can readily do. I am looking for a ready-made mattress set (mattress and foundation) and having a hard time choosing between mattresses/types of mattresses. Spending too many hours to little avail and getting embarrassed about returning multiple times.

Re your questions on the Evo Biomedical Gel – (first, a correction. Not sure where I got the $1270 price but the set is $1560 with a possible discount – and frame is separate cost).
I emailed the company asking specific questions as in your email, got no response. I asked the salesperson who contacted the rep – I am not sure either the salesperson or I knew how to ask the questions and whether these are correct answers. So the following may not be entirely correct – Poured gel 100% natural. 1.81 density furniture grade, soybased (20-40% soy). 7" core 3.5 over 3.5. The foam is CertPur US foam. Is your assessment of the Evo BioMedical Gel mattress the same? also… I am comparing it to the Aireloom Conforming ‘Splendid’ mattress - wondering what you think of that comparison. will post on that separately. any further help i can get would be greatly appreciated.

Hi cbcb,

I completely agree that designing your own mattress or getting over-involved in specs can lead to “paralysis by analysis” in many cases and do more harm than good … especially on a site like this where so much information is available that it’s easy to get very involved in the more technical aspecs or mattress theory and design.

To bypass this … I would focus on who you were buying from before you decide on what to buy. You basic choices are mainly about the type of comfort layer you prefer (such as latex, memory foam or polyfoam) and the type of support layers you prefer underneath this (latex, polyfoam, or an innerspring). This is a matter of personal testing so you can know the differences between them.

Once you have a more general idea of the combination of materials you prefer … then I would focus on personal testing of these types of combinations that are available from the manufacturers and retailers in the Los Angeles list. Call the ones that interest you based on the information you have and on their sites and then choose a few to visit and do your testing. Choose the “best” mattress for you at each manufacturer or retailer using their help and guidance and then all that’s left is to eliminate some very good choices and narrow them down to one based on all the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you in a mattress purchase.

In other words … I would put more initial focus on who you buy from and their level of knowledge and experience and ability to help you than on what you buy initially. finding and connecting with “experts” who can provide you with the help and guidance you need is generally much more effective than focusing on learning everything it takes to become an “expert” yourself and it will bypass much of the information overload and confusion along the way.

If the people you are dealing with can’t “translate” the information you have into terms that are understandable to you … then they are not the people to deal with.

the specs you have received from Evosleep need to be a layer by layer description with each layer described from top to bottom (or bottom to top) in terms of thickness, type of material, and the quality of that material. A “random” listing of various specs is not really helpful.

As an example … it should look something like this …

1" of some type of material … with the type and quality of the material listed.
2" of some type of material … again with the type and quality of the material listed
6" of some type of material … again with the type and quality of the material listed
A description of the cover and any quilting that is part of it.

From the specs you provided … I can’t figure out the layering of the mattress you are looking at and they need to be in order with the thickness and type of material and specs included for each layer.

Quite frankly if this becomes too complicated and they can’t make it more simple and clear for you … I would just pass the mattress (or the retailer) by completely. There are too many good mattresses and retailers and manufacturers where you can find the information you need easily (and have it explained by knowledgeable people) to spend much time on mattresses or at retailers where this becomes too difficult or complicated.

Hope this helps.