Mattress Companies in Tennessee

I was looking at the companies listed as supporters of this site and since I have learned so much here I want to support one. I don’t see any in Tennessee or Georgia. Am I missing something or am I in a mattress underground desert?

Hi bobaftt1212 and welcome to the Mattewss Underground :slight_smile:

‘Mattress Underground desert’…I never thought of it that way! There certainly has been a lot of upheaval in the business world in the last few years and you are ‘semi-right’; there are areas of the US that have ‘clusters’ of Trusted Members of this is due to where the suppliers of raw materials are located, or where ‘shipping lanes’ are more plentiful, or large interstate commerce hubs are. Some of is also due to just ‘happenstance’ as many of our Trusted Members have been around for many years, and are family owned and so that’s just where they started ‘back in the day’.

We do really appreciate you in wanting to support our Trusted Members but there are a lot of great, smaller quality manufacturers all over the place that aren’t members as well. It does sound like you have indeed been doing some research, but if you haven’t already, you might want to read the Mattress Shopping Tutorial to get an idea of how to determine whether a mattress retailer or manufacturer is good lines up our [Core Values](Our values, ideals, and goals] values. Also if you haven’t you can search Tennessee on the forum Here and Georgia Here sorting by most recent, there’s a number of posts in the last couple years on experiences with mattress companies in those areas from other forum members that may give you some leads.

Also a few of our Trusted Members of the site, like Nest Bedding and GhostBed are partnered with retail stores in some areas, like Macy’s, Costco, Walmart, Lowe’s and the like in certain areas of the country, so you can try out their offerings in person. And finally of course, many of our Trusted Members also offer, or exclusively are exclusively online only, if that’s of interest to you; if you have an idea of the type or types of mattress you are looking for, either from prior experience or in person testing at showrooms local to you, they can offer guidance in finding your ideal mattress, or even replicating closely the ‘feel’ of a brand you find comfortable. Giving them a little info, such as your Stats, PPP, mattress history and what you are trying to achieve can result in a great new mattress that provides years of comfort and support!

~ Basilio

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Wildcat Mattress in Kentucky has Posh and Lavish latex mattresses.